T-103 Supertest Stats


Good day everyone,

Supertest stats for the T-103 Soviet TD.


T103 1

Tier: 8

HP: 1,250

Engine Power: 1000hp

Weight: 63 t

Power to Weight Ratio: 15.87

Speed: + 40 / -12 kph

Hull Traverse: 30 deg/sec

Turret Traverse: 15 deg/sec

Terrain Resistance: 1.247 / 1.342 / 2.397

Hull Armor: 100/100/60 mm

Turret Armor: 220/145/60 mm

View Range: 380 m

Signal Range: 730 m

Crew: 5


Gun: 130 mm B-13

DMG: 440/440/580

Penetration: 258/307/65 mm

DPM: 2699.2

Rate of Fire: 6.134

Reload: 9.781 s

Accuracy: 0.345

Aim Time: s 2.21

Depression/Elevation: -8/+30





27 comments on “T-103 Supertest Stats

  1. heldermartins1 says:

    Oh God, what an ugly brick… Me wants it!

  2. morelc says:

    Looks like an ST-1 M103 lovechild.

  3. Thomas A. says:

    Lol ST-1 ligth weight

  4. Anonymous says:

    box-tank with turret?

  5. Mike-T 2016 says:

    Looks like very poor camo values likely 1st tank to be spotted by enemy LT’s
    thinking WG will give it same as or slightly better camo value than a KV4

    hardly a TD bit more like a T30 me-thinks but at T8 and premium tank as well, may be interesting?

    • Dracon says:

      I would hope so, but its Russian, so you know how that goes…needless to say if the turret holds up well, this could be a mean hill fighter. But elsewhere its questionable. The gun, of course, is stellar. Otherwise this things gonna sit back and magically never be spotted while blasting through every hope and dream you ever had with impunity x.x

  6. With the rear shaped like it is, it looks like they were trying to build an SU 100Y and forgot what they were doing part way through the process, then decided, “Well, screw it. Just toss this bunker gun on top and see what happens.”

    • Jayrod413 says:

      It’s one of the 100Y’s brothers, there was another one as well, but only the box tank was ever made out of the 3

      • Renarde_Martel says:

        And they’re all based on T-100 heavy tank. In fact, IIRC for this one they ony changed the turret and nothing else 😛

  7. Zarax says:

    At least this one is not an IS-3/SU/ISU/etc. clone.

  8. Uuuhhh says:

    I wonder if they’re planning on expanding the soviets TD lines to include a turreted line since they already have a tier x candidate lined up with the obj. 268 version 5…

  9. Ulric says:

    So, someone tell me why this 13cm gun does less damage than the 12.8cm gun that has comparable pen.

  10. DeadArashi says:

    Glad to see it’s still unhistorical. Should have the same armor and gun as the SU-100Y

    • Ulric says:

      This is probably what kills the game for me. They completely make up things about a tank just so they can put it at a tier where it shouldn’t be. I would love to see this thing have historical armor with the same fun as the 100Y, but with nerfed DPM or or gun handling, but still at tier 6. Instead they make shit up, have zero consistency (higher pen but less alpha than the 130mm on the IS-7, OK WG, keep hitting your meth pipe), and up tier it so they can sell it for $50 instead of $20.

  11. Shadow hunter says:

    Well, time to power creep the skorpion g

  12. James says:

    We dont need or want any more damn soviet prems….

  13. eidoss843 says:

    Why does it have 2.7k base DPM?

  14. Mark Varry says:

    Well here is your Skorpion beater. Better penetration, better reload, better armor, better hitpoints, better view range, better signal range, better gun depression and gun elevation, has lower horsepower to ton ratio, slightly worse accuracy, and has slightly less alpha damage.

  15. nrnstraswa says:

    Quite stronk for a TD.

  16. Jurrunio says:

    Box tank + Strv 74 + ST-I = This ugly *****

  17. historically it had 100mm turret armor ffs

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