WoT 3D Artist Renders



in an occasion or another and especially after a World of Tank patch is out I like to browse around to admire the artists work and decided to share with you just some of the most recent models as I think they are just gorgeous to look at:

HWK 12 by Alex Buryak

Rheinmetall Panzerwagen by Anton Grozin

Unfortunately, not all the new vehicle renders are published, these are often added solely to enrich the artist’s portfolio but here are a few more from patches previous to 9.18:

 Kirill Cherkasov

Alexandr Rusin

Maxim Seredzich

Renders like these make it nicer to see how much the game has evolved in these past 6 years.

Will be posting these as they come.

11 comments on “WoT 3D Artist Renders

  1. VladCelTroll says:

    If they were looking close to this in the game too…

  2. Vedrano says:

    I see the HWK 12 allot in my random games lately, how the hell do they get it all :/

    • A Dude says:

      It’s weird. I apparently played the Ru 251 like one year ago, sold it long ever since, and now with this patch suddenly the replacement for it (that HWK 12 in this case) was IN MY GARAGE. For whatever reason. I am sure it’s the same for others as well, so likely many players ended up with bonus tanks in the garage that they now obviously play.

  3. Nighty says:

    When you had a RU251 in your garage it got moved to Tier 9 and you got the Tier 8 HWK for free as a replacement.

  4. I rather enjoyed this post. Would like to see a few more on occasion if there isn’t much news to go around.

  5. heldermartins1 says:

    For some odd reason, everytime I look at HWK two first pics always reminds me of the Pz T 25 without the gun…

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