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WZ-131G FT Supertest Stats

Supertest stats for the Chinese Tier 6 tank destroyer.

Tier: 6

Hit Points: 550

Weight: 20.660t

Engine Power: 430hp

Power to Weight: 20.81 hp/t

Speed: +50/-18 kph

Hull Traverse: 36 deg/sec

Gun Traverse: 41.7 deg/sec

Terraine Resistance: 1.005/1.324/2.014

Hull Armor: 35/20/??mm

View Range: 350m

Signal Range: 600m


Gun: 122mm D-25TG FT

Damage: 390/390/530

Penetration: 175/250/61

Accuracy: 0.412

Reload: 11.507 sec.

Aim Time: 2.78 sec.

DPM: 2033.6

Depression: -5 deg.


11 thoughts on “WZ-131G FT Supertest Stats

  1. So the whole chinese TD line is SU-122-44/54 minus the stalinium

    1. Looks like it for the most part.

      The high tiers have the same mobility too.

      This has less armour but more mobility than the su100.

  2. Which is OK… somewhat.
    Finally a tier 10 SU-122-44/54 will exist lol. The 263 is not bad, but it is… not really a 122-44 or 122-54.

    Which reminds me how silly Wargaming were. They could have used the SU-122-44 with an unlockable gun at tier 8, had the SU-101 Uralmash as a premium tier 7 or 8, have the 122-54 after the 122-44 and even used BS “Panzer 7” meme magic to fake a SU-130-62/SU-130-54 at tier 10.

    1. Sure a TD with crazy dpm, almost impenetrable armour, good mobility overall, excellent accuracy and penatration is not comparable with the 122-44 and 122-54 when this both ones dont neither have armour and accuracy. The 122-54 for example, its just good in paper because is an really mediocre tank.

      1. The 263 with its open top, pathetic gun depression, pathetic gun arc and awkward to use back-mounted citadel… well it is not a bad tank actually but overpowered it is not.

        The point isnt what is OP or UP, it is to keep a consistent line.

  3. Oddly enough, this really makes me want to try the SU-100 and SU-122-54 out more than these chinese tds. So this was the master plan all along.

  4. are these even being released outside the chinese server? they look fake as hell.

    1. No one said this line is real, is all made up by KZ+WG

  5. Shameful fake tank made KZW and by wg.
    In fact, the 89 type of TD was originally designed to be a type 62 chassis with a mid mounted combat room . I think it’s better to create fake tank on this base。

  6. Kind of tired of this naming scheme. Can we please Call it something other than a WZ-131G? I don’t have a problem with the WZ-###. It’s just that we already have a 131. And didn’t the light tanks bring another 131? Or did we just get a bunch of 132s?

  7. Looks like we’ll be getting the fantasy Chinese TD tree in all servers after all. If they are as much “fun” as the tanks from the Obj. 263 tree I will mostly free-XP through the tree.

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