9 comments on “T-103 HD Screen caps

  1. Noidea says:

    Damn that thing is huge! I’m guessing “0” cammo.

  2. DeadArashi says:

    Don’t know why I keep hoping for WG to correct the blatant unhistorical aspects they gave it and put it at tier 6 with the SU-100Y…

    but I guess it’s yet another case of: Money > Historical accuracy

    Well done WG… well done

  3. This tank better be as big or bigger than a Maus, 2700 base dpm with the second best penetration for a premium, 440 alpha, decent accuracy and aim time. Good grief, that gun is a monster.

    It does have the weak tumor on top and a weak-ish hull but the 8 degrees of gun depression and good abuse of the 16 power to weight ratio does mean this tank can be as tough to pen in a brawl as it might be at range…

    The only balancing factors I see on this tank could be its large size, camo, weak points, and hit point pool. It sounds great on paper… but that dpm is insane. The closest counterpart is a T28 Proto and that tank is practically worse in every way with a better hull if you ignore the machine gun port weak point.

    Thanks for posting up the screen shots of the T-103, the artists did a beautiful job Jerry and it’s good to put the size into perspective 🙂

  4. theundying says:

    Finally a russian counterpart to the american hydrocephalus aka M6A2E1.
    And it looks just as repulsive, awesome!

  5. heldermartins1 says:

    As I said before, me wants it. Bad. I’m used to oneshot Cromwell’s and the likes, with the SU-100Y so, this will be an upgrade. 🙂

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