Thunderbolt VII USA Premium Tank Reviews


A couple of reviews of this Historical upcoming Tier VI Medium American Premium Tank. There is a third of original footage with one of the Thunderbolt series showing at about 1:22 in. The first by AgingJedi then QuickyBaby with the historical one last.

The Thunderbolt from 1 minute 20 seconds in.

15 comments on “Thunderbolt VII USA Premium Tank Reviews

  1. skivster says:

    Huh, tempting..
    But I don’t know if I’m ready to throw money at WG again

  2. Siergen says:

    I am sorta hoping that they don’t include the pre-skilled crews that both reviewers mentioned. I already have a well-trained American medium crew, and WG would likely boost the price for the skilled crew. Other than that, it looks great to me.

  3. WarHound says:

    Berlin type zero perk bia crew or not? Can’t watch the videos atm.

    • Huguenot says:

      From what AgingJedi was saying, it looks like BiA with a 50% crew. 100% will probably cost more. When I got my tog as a b-day gift, it only had a half trained crew. I spent most of my credits just getting it to 75%.

  4. El Diablo says:

    Because queerbaby knows wtf the meta of mid tier is. Suuuuure.

    • pixywing says:

      I’m sure you aren’t a 1000 Wn8 tomato and know all about meta at mid tier.

      • El Diablo says:

        Out of all the “unicum” bastards who play for stats, not to relax and enjoy the game like a normal fucking person, Circon is the best one to go to for the meta of any tier, since he’s three marked most of the tanks. What does queerbaby do? Suck on WG’s knob and spew out bullshit about how good tanks are when in actuality they are lackluster at best.

      • pixywing says:

        You suck at the game so spew toxicity at better players than you. LOL stay red.

    • Shadowhuntet says:

      You just need to watch the video. Nobody is asking you whether you like or dont like the reviewer

  5. You don’t have to angle in the thunderbolt, the armor dead on can bounce any tier 6 medium and 90% of tier 7 mediums. This thing is way too fast and is better than the E2 Jumbo which dead on can be penetrated by any tier 6 or 7 medium with 140mm of pen. The thunderbolt is better than the E2 in practically every respect. Good job wargaming.

    • Enigmaticmuffin says:

      I have a VK30.01D with 150 pen 75mm and I can’t pen the front of an unangled jumbo, shut up

    • Onicorn says:

      no derp gun tho

      • whoa whoa whoa, I am talking about using the E2 competitively, not for lolz like putting the 105 on a Pershing or M46. If you’re bringing an E2 into a team fight, it needs to reliably do damage, not just have the sole royal role of resetting your base or annoying people by constantly tracking them.

        If someone reviews a T26E5, you don’t say, “hey, let’s not compare it to the T32 because I think a T32 with the 90 is more fun.” If someone reviews a Skoda T40, you don’t say, “hey, let’s not compare it to a Vk 30.01P because I think a Vk P with the 105 is more fun.” If someone reviews a Panther 88, you don’t say, “hey, let’s not compare it to a Panther II because I think a Panther II with a 105 is more fun.” If someone reviews a HT No. VI, you don’t say, “hey, let’s not compare it to the Vk 36.01 H because I think a Vk 36.01 H is more fun with the 105.”

        so “no derp gun.”

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