New WoT Mod Portal (Alpha)


Good day everyone,

Quick bit of news, a new portal for sharing and downloading supported mods is now in alpha testing. So far it seems to be for only the RU region, but here is the link if you want to check it out. Pretty slick presentation.

Markus Schill Message to the Community



here’s a message I waited all day for from Markus Schill, the General Manager of Europe, there’s a public statement given to the player base but I will share with you the one sent to the Community Contributors:

Dear Contributors, last week’s controversy about SirFochs video and my team’s threat, that Wargaming would go through YouTube directly to take down the aforementioned video if he did not remove it himself, has left many of you wondering what the official stance from Wargaming is. Florian Mentl – Head of the European Community Team – has consequently clarified that this threat was indeed made – he and Ph3lan both apologized for this clearly unacceptable threat and have re-assured you that Wargaming will not take such action under any circumstances involving your opinion (or that of anyone else) on publicly released content. I would also like to add my personal apologies for this misstep. When it comes to the contributor program itself – we do want to work with you as very important and committed members of our game communities. Your content enriches the community experience and gives players a space to discuss and share their passion with yours and our own. More than that we look at the contributor program as a place where we can openly and actively discuss and engage your own and your fan base’s opinion about new features released into the game. As such we give you regularly early access to content for review and feedback. We never wished to censor your opinions and if that was the impression you had last week – I sincerely apologize for that. In fact we are more than interested in your honest opinion and we wish to have an open dialog about it with you.
It is very important for me to make this absolutely clear: Wargaming will not take copyright action against opinions based on our publicly released content. Before writing this letter I have clarified Wargaming’s global position on this topic with the Product Director for World of Tanks – Thaine Lyman, North American’s General Manager Jay Cohen, the Head of Global Publishing – Evangelos Georgiou and our Chief Executive Officer – Victor Kislyi. Lastly I also want to apologize for the statement which was given to some media outlets over the weekend – this statement contained unsubstantiated allegations towards the content of videos from our previous Community Contributor SirFoch – this statement was ill-advised, false and while it cannot be undone, we do want to apologize for it. We have been taking a hard and thorough look at how much went wrong in our actions and reactions in this situation and in conclusion there are many takeaways for us to learn from and improve our processes. While we do take these learnings, I hope to be able to count on your support in keeping us honest. In closing I wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for your contributions over the past years. I am looking forward to meeting many of you in June at the Tankfest Contributors Day.
 Kind regards
Markus Schill General Manager & Head of Publishing Europe


It was pointed out to me that this message did reach as far as Viktor Kislyi even although he didnt sign it which was, to my beliefs, the right course of action given that the last time he stepped in the promises weren’t really met. Continue reading

The Chrysler K in the bigger picture


Author: SP15

In light of the sir Foch vs WG controversy I thought I would go ahead and offer some thoughts on why we have seen the game take the direction it has with the arguably OP premiums that sparked this controversy in the first place.

Pushing for premiums

As someone who was personally involved in the research and creation of the Swedish tech tree I was in contact with several people at wargaming for quite some time. Trough one of my contacts from that time I know that Wargaming have been pushing for larger numbers of “more competitive” premium tanks for quite some time now, dating back to the introduction of the Panther 88. Continue reading

Supertest: AMX Canon d’assault de 105 (UPDATED)


Good day everyone,

A new French tank destroyer is in supertest, here are the screenshots and early stats (now updated with more complete stats):


Tier: 8

HP: 1000

Weight: 26.88 t

Engine Power: 720 hp

Power to Weight: 26.79 hp/t

Speed: +55/-18 kph

Terrain Resistance: 1.247/1.342/2.301

Gun Traverse: 27.1 deg/sec

Hull Traverse: 28 deg/sec

Armor: 100/40/30mm

View Range: 360m

Signal Range: 750m


Gun: 105mm CN 105

Damage: 390/390/480

Penetration: 260/320/53mm

DPM: 1952.2

Reload: 11.986 sec

Rate of Fire: 5.006

Accuracy: .288

Aim Time: 1.92 sec

Depression: -8 deg

Continue reading

To be blatantly honest?



Although I didn’t stress much about the SirFoch/Circon drama initially, I had a moment to think after recent developments.

And to give more insight, the reason why I didn’t stress was because I put this situation into the “Human Error” folder. Like I said in my previous statement, I ultimately see this situation of two parties who were out of line and who should have communicated better with one another but have acknowledged what they did, it happens, people do mistakes and stupid things all the time and I viewed this as a person who, for a quite a few times, has “angered” the company.

I waited before jumping to conclusions and I was right to because I got my suspicions confirmed of what actually went down, the statements that were given and the conversations had with Wargaming EU not only confirmed it but were satisfactory as well given that I know both employers -in real life- well enough to trust them and for as long as Florian is the Head of Community Management my trust will remain.


What made me change my mind? When I thought this shitstorm was calming down, Wargaming NA decides to give statements to Kotaku and Jim Sterling with false accusations:

When the first statement appeared Kotaku simply said it had come from Wargaming, a server was never specified, as far as we, EU Community Contributors, knew this didn’t come from EU but it was after Jim‘s video that we finally managed to pinpoint the source of them, these statements were given by a Senior PR Manager from the WG NA office.

Not only shouldn’t WG NA speak for European affairs do you know what’s even worse? Continue reading

WG’s Head of Community Management Message



Florian or “Njial”, the EU’s Head of Community Management has a message to finalise the recent drama:

“Hello all, we wanted to share an update with you on the recent incident with SirFoch

“We at Wargaming have further reviewed the incident of last Friday involving SirFoch and his “Chrysler K GF rant” video, and we believe we could have handled the situation better. We strongly support our players’, including our Community Contributors’, right to speak critically about us and our games. At the same time, in the case of our Community Contributors, we ask that negative comments be made in a reasonably respectful, constructive manner, and SirFoch’s video didn’t do that. In turn, we acted too quickly when we threatened to have YouTube remove SirFoch’s video through a copyright infringement complaint. We have apologized to SirFoch for making that threat, and we are continuing our conversation with him on next steps.

We’re committed to doing a better job on this front. We’re going to improve the way we communicate with our Community Contributors, and as part of that effort we will work with them on more detailed, specific guidelines for our Community Contributors to help ensure incidents like this don’t happen again. We’ll also be implementing a more thorough internal review process of our own potential actions which will be used in any future case where we have concerns that a Community Contributor has crossed the line in the language they use.

We love our players and our contributors – even the ones who don’t always love us – and we are committed to using this case to grow and improve.”