Wowp- patch 1.9.10 + Thor’s Hammer Faction event


Greetings everyone, just an article i wanted to post as quickly as possible.


Wowp patch 1.9.10 will be released tomorrow and will introduce 6 new tech tree planes:

  • BV-P210, German Tier VIII Multirole Fighter
  • BV-P212-03, German Tier IX Multirole Fighter
  • BV-P215-02, German Tier X Multirole Fighter
  • SU-9, Soviet Tier VIII Multirole Fighter
  • I-211, Soviet Tier IX Multirole Fighter
  • I-215, Soviet Tier X Multirole Fighter

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The Introduction of Author Blockhaj


Hello! Let me introduce myself. I’m Blockhaj.


I’m one of the new writers for RSR and will mainly cover War Thunder and in the future even World of Warplanes if it turns out they fix the game with their upcoming patch known as 2.0. 

Some of you may have seen and talked to me on Discord but for those who are totally new to me i’m mainly a War Thunder player and have played it since the early days of the 20 tier system. I have also played Wot, Wowp and Wows since their betas too although they have have never been my main game. Other than covering WT and Wowp I am also a sucker for making fan trees for War Thunder and WG titles and i will probably cover a lot of them in the future.

I hope to bring you guys cool and interesting news in the future. If u have any questions then you can easily find me on Discord.


Dev Q&A, May 31st


Good day everyone,

Digest Q&A from around the RU community from several members among the WoT Dev team. The short bit towards the end is from Anton Pankov at the Grand Finals.

* A few people know this, but in your company there is a sort of “Department” for Player Happiness. What is it and what do they do. Are the players really happy?
– Yes there is. This is a fairly new department for us. It unites several teams at once, their task is to monitor and understand in what way and how problems arise among players. This is a new phenomenon that is slowly developing and yielding certain results.

* With the pace of premiums releasing, are you planning on expanding the trade-in? Perhaps with other features such as rentals and the like?
– Trade-ins were recognized as quite successful and will soon be available again in Russia and will remain the main mechanic for related to premiums for the moment. We have rentals, but we use it mainly in Asia and China. There are no other plans yet.

* You have a very good sound department. Are you guys planning on further updating the audio and in-game soundtracks?

– Yes, certainly. The guys are now working on soundtracks, there will probably be made available in albums and tracks. Continue reading

Jagdtiger (H) & Tiger (H) In Garage



Thanks to Daniel S. who emailed this, in the 9.19’s WG video overview he noticed a Jagdtiger (H) and Tiger (H) in the garage:

For those wondering, that’s a full press account in the video, such press accounts come with all the tanks in the game, even the rarest, as for the Tiger II (H), is just the renamed Tiger II (P) that we posted the supertest stats of earlier this year. these two vehicles have been added to the normal servers about two patches ago.

I took some screenshots of the latest stats on these vehicles from for you and already compared to their closest versions of same tier/nation for reference:


WoT Console Update 3.8


Good day all,

Quick cover of the recently announced update for WoT Console, which is bringing a few redesigned and updated maps and a handful of balance tweaks. Lets see what we have in store:

Updated Maps

Starting off, a bit of good news regarding maps, no extreme weather variants!

Ardennes- Summer

And new variant of the previously winter only map inspired by the Battle of the Bulge

Redshire- Graphics Update

A graphical rework of Redshire. From the info available this is just making the map look a bit better, and not a full update to the the current Redshire on PC.

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Patch 9.19 Server downtime and Changes


EU and NA announcements.

We have for you both service announcements and Wargamings rundown of patch changes. On EU then NA.

The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on the 31.05.2017 from 03:00 CEST to 09:00 CEST due to this update.

Please also keep in mind, that due to the actualisation:

  • Clan Portal ( will be unavailable from 03:00 CEST 31.05.2017 till 09:00 CEST 31.05.2017

Maintenance will begin 1:00AM PDT (08:00 UTC) and will last approximately six (6) hours.
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“Artillery is a good class for autistic people”



while Deconoir and I were organising the WGL GF Q&As for you, we came by a particular phrase that I chose to withheld for double translative confirmation because honestly this would be just taking the piss at this point…

But during one of the Q&A sessions Slava Makarov has said the following:

“Artillery is a good class for autistic people, why are you complaining about it”

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