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Good day everyone,

News for those on the WoT Asia server, in supertest at the moment are two tanks themed from the tactical RPG “Valkyria Chronicles”. So far these are looking to be exclusive to the Asia server.



Tier: 8

HP: 1600

Weight: 34t

Engine Power: 570hp

Power to Weight: 16.76 hp/t

Speed + 50 / -14 kph

Hull Traverse: 28 deg/sec

Turret Traverse: 27.1 deg/sec

Terrain Resistances: .959/1.151/2.205

Hull Armor: 220/80/80 mm

Turret Armor: 240/150/80 mm

View Range: 370 m

Signal Range: 782.1 m

Gun: 88mm Breda L/48

DMG: 300/300/360

Penetration: 215/260/44 mm

DPM 2.000

Rate of Fire: 6.952

Reload: 8.63 sec.

Accuracy: 0.355

Aim Time: 2.3 sec.

Depression/Elevation: -5/+15 deg.





Tier: 7

HP: 1400

Weight: 32t

Engine Power: 800hp

Power to Weight: 25 hp/t

Speed + 60 / -20 kph

Hull Traverse: 42 deg/sec

Turret Traverse: 39.6 deg/sec

Terrain Resistances: .575/.767/1.438

Hull Armor: 120/60/60 mm

Turret Armor: 120/80/60 mm

View Range: 370 m

Signal Range: 782.1 m

Gun: 88mm Theimer L/40

DMG: 240/240/295

Penetration: 190/224/44 mm

DPM 2,002..3

Rate of Fire: 8.343

Reload: 7.192 sec.

Accuracy: 0.364

Aim Time: 2.21 sec.

Depression/Elevation: -8/+15 deg.

86 comments on “WoT Asia Server- Valkyria Chronicles

  1. dddzxc says:

    Fake tanks from animation…..

  2. cuminyomouthvegan says:

    NO fantasy tanks for WoT PC!!

    Blueprint tanks =/= fantasy shit!

    • cuminyomouthvegan says:

      I’ll shoot these shits, as soon as I see them. Don’t care about the bans.

      • Steve says:

        Good, then you can get thrown out of the game while everyone else gets access to new tanks.

      • armando30 says:

        in the end if will be your loss, and we will get one less teamkiller in the game

      • Moonlight says:

        hey look it’s you again… enjoy your ban if they do come then… which btw… we’ll be glad if you get banned.. one less useless pos to deal with

      • Manuel says:

        Enjoy your ban then my friend.

      • William_A says:

        E-50M, T28 proto, some Japs heavies say hi to you. And, no, T28 proto is not real, not even in blueprint, because that thing came from a wooden model looks much more like T28 concept. Also, no, O-Ni and O-Ho are fake as well because one of them came from a draw in a non-professional military theme publication (that translate to fan art which cost money), and the other one came from a “personal collection” that no one ever really seen.

      • DeadArashi says:

        @WILLIAM_A: you forget the T110E4, FV215b, PzKpfw VII, VK72.01 K, G.W. E100, Conqueror GC… just to list some of the top tier fakes without going into the ones that are unhistorical in either model or armor values like the Swedish HTs, T110E5 or T110E3 (which is the historical T110E4 mind you)

    • Soifon99 says:

      it would be a very boring game with only produced tanks.. ther are like 400 tanks in this game.. how much would be left if it where only produced tanks.. 150?

    • Eisenwulf says:

      Shakes a stick at all the fantasy commie tanks in WoT.

      That horse has long since left the barn…

  3. DeadArashi says:

    i hate fake tanks in WoT… but I love Valkyria Chronicles…

    I’m so fucking conflicted right now

    • DeadArashi says:

      on the other hand it’s not like WG are ever going to remove fake tanks, I mean, the make the PzKpfw VII into its own tank line and I’ve about given up on the hope that historical accuracy will be a thing…

      to hell with it, I would buy these

    • DeadArashi says:

      just remembered why they seemed familia with WoT… they’ve been in WoT Blitz for 7 months now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7VLP4v-Eyw

    • armando30 says:

      for now it seems ASIA server only and I believe their contract for Blitz has already expired, either way I’m looking forward to it if it ever comes for the other servers even as a simple fun mode
      don’t know if the other tanks from the series will also appear, at least 1 or 2 of the Boss tanks would be great, or maybe a fun mode Gallian vs “Others” battle, similar to CS gungame, starting low with APCs or Light tanks and leveling up on respawn (APC»»light»»medium»»TD»»heavy»»boss)

    • heldermartins1 says:


      Hate WG money grabbing style, buy the new “anime” tanks. Is this a solution to ur problem??


    • partialist says:

      haha, this was my exact reaction too

  4. Anonymous says:

    WoT console, 9.17.1, Chinese TD’s and now this?!?!?!?! Hell yeah, and we need Chinese TD’s for all servers too!

  5. deadman_38 says:

    Ok u want historical tanks, right ? Then half of ALL the tanks in wot would be gone. The german tanks would be op as hell like tiger 1. US tanks alot of diffrents shermans, stuarts, hellcats and so on. Random battles would be gone, more HE in the tanks because HE was used alot in the tanks before. You need 3- 6 players to drive ONE tank. And everyone knows how the teamwork is in wot… So stop complaining on “not” historical tanks…

  6. Steve says:

    People still pretend that World of Tanks is historical? The game is over 50% imaginary and prototype vehicles that were never finished and never saw combat. Bring on the fantasy tanks, they’re more interesting than more Russian clones at least.

    • armando30 says:

      #STEVE SAYS please tell me what makes a prototype/unfinished/paper project imaginary
      I think the simple fact that they were prototypes or unfinished or draw in paper made them real, to be “imaginary” it would be needed that WG suddenly added Pz.IX and Pz.X, using something that was circulated in official documents but never an actual project and only just a decoy and add it to the game would be Imaginary, exploring all the upgrade possibilities suggested in official docs is not imaginary but simply needed to balance them, of course there are some tanks and upgrades that are as fake as they can be but the majority of the vehicles in the game are at least 60~70% as historical as they were supposed to be if ever put into production

      furthermore do not forget that “seeing combat” cannot be used as “rule of thumb” to differentiate service from prototype vehicles, there are several examples of tanks like the T26E4 of which several were built (without the addon armor, around 20) and were later modified to standard M26s, they were in service but never saw combat in their former life
      the french ARL 44 was a real tank somewhat mass-produced that equiped the french army after the war but also never saw combat, it certainly was not a prototype
      300 M103s were built, they were in service for 17 years but never saw combat, they were never even sent to Vietnam
      the Conqueror was another such example, 185 built and stayed in service for 11 years but only used as dissuasive in West Germany

      none of them can be called prototypes

      • Ragnarokbazil says:

        E50m was a fantasy tank made by Serb…. Theres your proof. The FV215b is also a fantasy tank as it never existed may I keep going?

      • CillianLive says:

        The E 50 M isn’t a fantasy tank as everyone says. There was an idea to move the transmission to the rear of the E series vehicles to make it easier to service. Id argue that the E 50 M ingame is just as unhistorical as the E 50 as they both recieve basically the same fake turret and aramament.

        Its a pity with the addition of such fake tanks into the game so willingly as premium tanks while some tanks that fought in the war have still not been added yet.

  7. ShiftyOne says:

    Better idea instead of just adding them: Create special game mode for fantasy tanks. Possible also a free-for-all game mode where you can design your own tank, and you fight other players on a huge map. If stuff like this keeps infiltrating the game, all we will have left is World of Moneybrab.

    • Ion7 says:

      Robocraft meets WoT: unlock parts from researched vehicles and build your own. Random battle population would drop but I would fully support this.

  8. thebugmonster says:

    the t7 will be a good rammer, 120mm of armor and 25 power to weight, with 32 tons?
    rip all lightly armored t7 tanks, and fuck the t5s

  9. VladCelTroll says:

    These look like E-79. That fake tank made by a Japanese modeller.
    Why doesn’t WG introduce a permanent gamemode where there are only tanks made by players. Could be a thing, to be honest. Keep the same 8 or 9 nations (can’t remember how many there are right now in the game) and let players make tanks from tiers 1 to 10. There could be a lot of potential.

  10. Historian says:

    World of Tanks is historical? LOL

  11. RandomDude says:

    Would be okay if they were merely skins/remodels for existing tanks (that only those who install it can see).

  12. Synvy (Tea) says:

    Erm.. Edelweiss is Tier 8

  13. Uuuhhh says:

    I take it they’ll fall under the Japanese tech tree…

  14. Manuel says:

    And one again, Asia gets all the nice things.

  15. Models, spot on, the artists did a great job. I really enjoyed valkyria chronicles and their tanks were fun to play.

    Tank balance, they look like a tier 8 and 7 E50 or E50M. There needs to be a clearly defined Achilles heel however with these tanks that I’m just not seeing at the moment like a soft turret weak point or low dpm. It is really easy to be carried away with fantasy tanks so they should be introduced as extremely under powered and buffed in small increments like the FV4202 P.

    Fantasy tanks can work if there is a historical compromise, but it is more important that current players do not feel cheated by their statistics. The feeling that one needs to pay money to stay competitive should never be mistaken for the feeling of having fun.

  16. DoctorBest says:

    Let’s get the Baneblade in here B O I S

    • malkavian says:

      01000110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100111 01101100 01101111 01110010 01111001 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01001101 01100001 01100011 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01000111 01101111 01100100 00100001 00001101 00001010

      • DoctorBest says:

        Indeed, praise be to the Omnissiah !

      • Anonymous says:

        01010011 01101000 01110101 01110100 00100000 01110101 01110000 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01110100 01100001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01101101 01101111 01101110 01100101 01111001 00100001

  17. vtalonv says:

    I would straight up buy this tank in a heartbeat… Its sexy! C’mon wargaming bring it to the North American server…

  18. Ulric says:

    The comments here are proof that democracy is a terrible system.

    The big draw for world of tanks was the ability to drive more or less historical vehicles from the mid 20th century. I would imagine that if WG had made WoT exist in a fictional universe without any bearing on historical vehicles that it would not have been anywhere near as popular as it has been.

    Remove animea, you are worst tank.

  19. Classics4lyfe says:

    Hell yes finally loved the valkyria chronicles game series i hope it comes to NA i would throw money at this so fast!!! the edelweiss is so damn sexy!

  20. vtalonv says:

    Look at this hypocrisy… Ulric do you know how many things are made fictional in WOT for balance reasons? Or just flat out fake? You talk as if this game is more historical when in reality its more fictional. Guns, armor, ammunition, penetration values, and i could go on… If you don’t believe me look at sp15’s post on how bad they altered the Swedish line.. He was not happy. Just because your under the impression of something being “historical” doesn’t make it a reality.

    • Ulric says:

      Look at this reading comprehension… At what point did I say that WoT was strictly historical? No, what I said was that a great number of people playing this game started playing because of the historical connection. Who here really got into this game because they really wanted a Tiger or Tiger II, or a T-34, or an M4, or any number of iconic tanks from history? Now, WG has basically completely thrown history out the window as of late, but that’s no excuse to just going full bore and adding in fantasy bs. The correct answer is to revise the game to be closer to history, instead of adding in your waifumobile. Not all of us jerk off to drawings of underaged girls, you filthy weaboo pedo.

      • Ulric, childish insults only take away from your argument.

        Since you denied the option of fantasy tanks, the only option was to continue making historical tanks. You left no alternative to a problem that which wargaming has come to a loss at. All Vtalonv made a point of was that world of tanks is not a historical simulator. It is an arcade steel grinder at best which is by no means a bad thing.

        World of tanks lives and dies off of content. Most people in the asia servers don’t really know much about tanks nor care much for historical tanks due to the significant lack of historical tanks in their area. The most obvious solution is to cater to your target audience and if one must, embrace the arcade nature of the game.

        I personally disagree that most players come to world of tanks to driver a Tiger II or Tiger I because otherwise they would stop playing after the first two to three days. The real selling point of world of tanks is the dynamic number of game play options, competition, collection, and depth: historical or not.

    • Ulric says:

      Also, your waifu is ugly and your favorite anime is trash.

  21. Luis Carlos says:

    these look really good, i like the second one in particular

  22. Anonymous says:

    Honestly Its bad enough they added unhistorical blueprint tanks that were mentioned maybe once or twice among WWII soldiers in the course of all wars combined. And then add them to the game as the visual opposite of what they would of looked like. But really these fantasy tanks are a step too far.

    To me its just making my terrible SEA server sink lower

  23. vtalonv says:

    Haha this guy.. I’ve never even seen this anime or played the RPG or whatever this is from yet you start making fun of me as if i have.. Good times.. Shows how i should completely care less of your opinion. Calling people pedos and taking about jerking off what are you 12? Tell me Sir Historian whats the difference between these tanks and the e50m that’s in the game? There isn’t any.. there both fantasy.. Where is your witch hunt to get that out of the game? Point is i think the tanks cool and stats are good.. I hope they put it in just to spite you.. So i can historically magically appear 20 meters in front of you out of no where while firing historical gold rounds at you.. and ammo rack you as you rage low roll because RNG. While being out numbered because 4 your team drowned themselves on derpenburg… and the other’s split between kemping base or lemming one side…. sprinkle in some banned for team killing.. IT’S GOING TO BE GREAT!!

    • Ulric says:

      Again with the reading comprehension. Don’t bother refuting anything that said, that requires thought. Judging by the logical fallacies you keep spewing, I doubt that you are capable of anything more complicated than staring at shiny objects. I’ll start on the E50M witch hunt after I get WG to admit that the T208 was a smooth bore, that the T100 schematics clearly show it having composite armor, that the 12.8cm kwk cannot fit inside the E75 turret, and a few other things. It’s been a while since the last fake tank witch hunt, and the burnt carcass of the WTF E100 has long since been buried, so it’s time for another.

      But, since you just want to have any old tank shaped object put into the game, I guess I’ll just start drawing my own and sending them to WG until they add them in. In fact, let’s do that every month. Let’s have a fan design contest, and the winner gets their design put into the game. It’ll be great.

    • Vtalonv, there is no need for you to fight in the dirt with Ulric.

      I would like to see you win more of your arguments man but it seems like you work best in bursts. In a prolonged fight, I see you losing your edge. I liked your first several comments because you meant well and kept an open mind, but your past few have been lacking due to trying to keep up with the same initial quality.

      good luck in the future

  24. vtalonv says:

    I”m thinking something like this might work ya?
    {L——–(——-)———___ _—————————————————
    {L — — — —————————————————-
    (O o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o O)

    Or you think it’s to modern?

    Good gun
    Good frontal armor
    High alpha

    Commanders Hatch
    Poor aim time
    Not enough Historical

  25. hemihaynes says:

    I don’t really care to see them as a premium tank, but if they have the assets I’d be ok with a special game mode.

  26. Blankman says:

    Regardless of the origin, historical facts, etc, it’s still gonna be a fairly competitive tank at its given stats, and not looked half bad..

  27. Nevermind says:

    Its nice to see that WG will for ONCE do something nice for the Asia server, but really this is a dumb if not recast idea. Is it possible that only Asians like Valkyria Chronicles? I think not. why not sell them on all server and make a shed-load of more money… i mean really, that is what WG is all about.. not historical accuracy but about money.

  28. nak says:

    If this is implemented I will uninstall this game

  29. Infernal969 says:

    Plz Naruto tanks and My Little Pony emblems next!
    Stop hating!!111

  30. These are in BLITZ already for all regions.

  31. mattbrix02 says:

    Anything from anime are exaggerated. Anything good addition to WOT is good despite being unhistorical, as long as they keep it balanced. :T

  32. DeadArashi says:

    The “Nameless” you got right, it’s a tier 8 HT
    The “Edelweiss” you got wrong, it’s not tier 7, it’s a tier 8 MT

  33. malkavian says:

    I am thinking that dis might be a special event grind reward like the hentai battleships in wows, in that case everybody and their mothers would be driving them.

  34. Anonymous says:

    omg i so want this these tanks ;-; why am i no asia person and just some european pleb ;-; </3

  35. Wüsti174 says:

    omg i so want this these tanks ;-; why am i no asia person and just some european pleb ;-; </3

  36. wolvenworks says:

    wait i thought these are only for Blitz? you’re telling me these are coming to PC?


  37. lockecole48 says:

    legit would buy both of these without even giving it a second thought, Valkyria Chronicles is an amazing game and this would breath some life into WoT PC

  38. lockecole48 says:

    I would buy these so fast, Valkyria Chronicles is a great series and these 2 would breath some life into WoT PC

  39. […] So far these tanks are looking to be exclusive to the Asia server. For more info on the tanks themselves, check out the stats here. […]

  40. Anonymous says:

    fuking tank…..WG is going to banish normal players.

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