Some Armour Changes in 9.19 Test


So far we have armour changes on these vehicles. There are screen shots for 9.18 then 9.19 in pairs. IS-2, STA-1, BDR 1G B, MTLS-1G14, KV-13, Renault FT 75 BS and T-44. It looks like the BDR G1 B images are miss labeled and Flipped.

Source WOT Express.

22 comments on “Some Armour Changes in 9.19 Test

  1. Tbonehamsteak says:

    Are you sure the BDR is correct? It looks like the models are flipped around for the updates.

  2. Tbonehamsteak says:

    Are you sure the BDR is correct? It looks like the images might be flipped for each update.

  3. Pino says:

    So they added a few troll zones with thicker armor that you can’t see.

    • DeadArashi says:

      No, they added a section of 200mm armor on the turret ring.

      It shows the thicker armor as darker red so since thicker armor was added the 120 and 100 mm sections got lighter… this is a buff to the turret and no nerf at all

  4. Bart Parker says:

    How about more.armour for that worthless TD they hiped.up so much about
    Most worthless buy I ever made

  5. Legion says:

    why would they reduce the armor on the T44 ? It’s already the least played tier 8 medium.

    • Vidar says:

      It was not nerfed. Armor zones look brighter because the colour scale now has to accommodate for the small 200mm plate near the turret ring.

    • HarperLewis says:

      Do not just look at shiny colors but compare numbers.

    • kingtrygon says:

      It is pretty much just the T-44-100 model. Same tank after all. The only real difference is the 120mm plate thing on the turret and the 150/200mm turret ring front.

    • zeroyuki92 says:

      No, they didn’t. Just added a mostly irrelevant strong point in the turret ring that changed the color palette.

  6. Legion says:

    My first impression is that they kinda nerfed frontal armor by those pictures.

  7. Thagomizer says:


    In over 58k games, that’s the only tank I haven’t seen. Ever.

    It’s rarer than a well balanced SPG 😉

    • Ragnarokbazil says:

      Mlts is going to be sold soon… Thats why

      • Patata Caliente says:

        In that case I’m very curious to see how they will reflect the fact that the MTS has a dual-barrel gun in the game. That’s quite a novelty.

      • NDGR says:

        It’s not like there wasn’t a time you could take this tank out for a ride. But that was a test server a few years ago, back when magazines weren’t a thing. Back then, when you fired your gun(s) one fired, then the other, first again, second again. Then reload. Or was it just one Salvo? Gosh I don’t quite know anymore, but sth along these lines ^^”

      • SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Patata : they have plans for the soviet HT line, they want to put the IS-4 back to tier 9 and have the ST-II at tier 10, with a double barrel gun. So for the occasion of the new mechanic they may sell the MTLS.

        Otherwise it’s just because they want all tanks in HD even if they’re not used in the game. MTLS was one of the pre-order tanks with BT-SV and PzII J, but it ended up not being sold because it was way too good and way too bad at the same time. The dual gun meant it could basicaly oneshot anything it met, but apparently pen was too bad and it met tier 4s where it could do nothing. Only test/press accounts can play with it. So unless they rebalance it, I doubt they’ll ever sell it, even if it’s WG we’re talking about.

      • James Kemp says:

        We have it on the console, it was the free tank at xmas

  8. AK wot says:

    But what about stb-1 !!

    • NDGR says:

      Why would they change the armor model if the stb? It’s not even HD yet, so there’s no need for them to change it now.

    • SpeedyCraft51 says:

      I think they said a few months ago that there was only 3 patches left before all tanks were HD. So technicaly it means 9.20 will be the last one. After that we can expect HD maps.

      It will have taken them over 3 years and 20 patches to put all tanks in HD. Remember they wanted all of it done by the end of 2014 originaly lol.

  9. Tank Inspector for new wersions ? says:

    Is that Tank Inspector program for new versions? My doesn’t want to work at all, locating game folder is impossible…

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