SirFoch & Circon Incident/Drama



as most of you may be aware by now of the recent drama, I deliberately chose to not jump into writing any article until now but I will share with you the statement from Jingles’ post from his FB page as I am 100% on the same page (opinion-wise) as him and I could not better word it:

There are still a few topics I will want to go over about this subject, will do it soon.

109 comments on “SirFoch & Circon Incident/Drama

  1. markymarkspider says:

    Bit bemused why some people think that its OK to criticise Jingles/QB/Dez for not acting just like Foch & Circon.
    This issue is about Foch, Circon and Wargaming, not who’s your own favourite streamer. Please lets act like adults and drop the playground mentality.

  2. Anonymous says:

    agreed mark, acting like bloody children.

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