6 comments on “Edeweiss Decals

  1. Ion7 says:

    If tiger 217 has the number as a decal, does that mean you will be able to customize it? Or apply 217 to a normal tiger?

  2. DeadArashi says:

    Still hate how Edelweiss and Nameless have been balanced. Should not have the amount of armor they do for their weight.

    The WoT Blitz balance team really did do the far better job at balancing them. The PC balance team just did what they could to make it a tier 8 to chage the most $$$ for it.

    Not to mention a lot of people on the Asia server are against them

  3. That 2 tanks are the fucking most bs in wot. Lucky only at asia server. I quit playing on eu server if they ever pit this fucking retarded fake tanks in game

  4. Paxson says:

    I like both. Maybe beacuse I cant get them 😀

    There are so match blue print fake tanks ingame. Getting other Guns, stats… as on blueprint to be balanced.
    Or if I rember. In the beginning we played just with tanks which are developed latest around the end of world war II.
    Few years later, WG introduced tanks up to 70s. Tanks with APCR… and so on.

    lot of thinks are stupid and bs. So I wouldnt care of these to tanks either.


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