Supertest: Chinese WZ-111 5A



There’s a new tank in Supertest, the Chinese tier X WZ-111 5A. So far these are the stats available, will update as they come:

HP: 2200
Hull Armor: 140/120/60
Turret Armor: 300/180/60
Turret Speed Rotation deg/s: 26
Hull Speed Rotation deg/s: 36
View Range: 400
Top Speed km/h: 50/15
Penetration: 250/340/65
Damage: 490/490/640
Accuracy – 100m .: 0.39
Aiming Time: 2.5
Reload Time: 11.2

20 comments on “Supertest: Chinese WZ-111 5A

  1. Any idea of how and when this will be introduced?

  2. Trigger says:

    Stats look epic. Hope it’ll be for RU, NA and EU as well.

  3. Nafre says:

    The alpha looks ridiculous. Love it just for that hole puncher

    • Rickard Shen says:

      I wouldn’t say the alpha is ridiculous since it’s the same as on the tier 9. In fact, the whole tank is more similar to the tier 9 than 113 ever was. I think it would feel right and logical to replace 113 with this tank. But let’s wait and see if it becomes a replacement or a reward tank.

    • Yep, when average alpha supposed to be 490 but thanks to rng you rarely see numbers higher​ than 450. Get used to this on German 128mm guns

  4. ArcaneSpirit says:

    Yaaaaay! Yet another tank that makes the IS-7 irrelevant!
    Ground resistance, gun handling and reload buff when? Nothing drastic, just #makeIS-7greatagain
    Fucking power creep mayn reeeeeeee

    • heinz says:

      Why do people think IS-7 necessarily has to be the best heavy in the game? It is still one of the better ones anyway. Buffing it more would male it op

    • a passing hobo says:

      Very hard to judge so far without all the stats but currently the only advantages the wz111 5a has is a massive DPM buff, a fair vehicle rotation buff and a small accuracy buff. However the Wz looks to have a massive lower plate, cupolas and weaker side armour.
      I wouldn’t cry op until the hp/t and ground resistances, gun depression and armour models come out, because that will decide whether it’s better than the is7.

  5. Charcharo says:

    Why cant WG just make more Tech Trees and not make server exclusive BS or clan reward tanks?
    I will probably GET the CW reward vehicles as well, this isnt whining but its tiring. I want more normal content for everyone. A mini tech Tree with the 112 1962 edition at tier 9 leading to the 113 and WZ-111-1 4 going to WZ-111 1-5 is best solution.

  6. Shadowhunter says:

    Did it keep its 10 degrees of gun depression ?

  7. Blockhaj says:

    Just to point out that this is based on a mare suggestion for a slight change to the WZ111 project so this more or less 90% fake.

  8. Welcome back WZ-111 5A. It was the original tank tested at tier 10 for the Chinese heavy tree, tested for 8.3 I believe, before they swapped it out for the 113. Oh what Chinese server only? ***locks.

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  10. GetFoched says:

    400 meters view range, because f*** these new light tanks

  11. ROMBAT says:

    Maybe it will be missions 2.0 reward tank like obj 260

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