T92 Light Tank Detailed Stats


More detailed stats and screenshots of the upcoming American Tier 8 premium.


Tier: 8

HP: 1000

Weight: 16.897

Engine Power: 340hp

Power to Weight: 20.02

Speed: +65/-25 kph

Terrain Resistances: 0.288/0.384/1.055

Turret Traverse: 52.1 deg/sec.

Hull Traverse: 55 deg/sec.

Hull Armor: 31.8/25.4/19mm

Turret Armor: 28.6/28.6/28.6mm

View Range: 400m

Signal Range: 745m

Gun: 76mm T185E1

Penetration: 175/210/38mm

Damage: 150/150/185

DPM: 2085.7

Reload: 4.315 sec.

Rate of Fire: 13.905

Accuracy: 0.364

Aim Time: 1.73 sec.

Depression/Elevation: -10/+20 deg.

30 comments on “T92 Light Tank Detailed Stats

  1. SupeRVixxeN says:

    Nice Nice…finally introduced…wasnt taking so long WG ?! *facepalm*

  2. Lafie says:

    To quote a Mr Finlay “hell, it’s about time!”

    Most likely going to be a instant purchase for me if I have funds free when it goes on sale.

  3. Horus says:

    175 pen?! Tier VIII? Thought there will be no more premium MM?

    • BigJuicyBear98 says:

      Shut up with your penetration. It’s a SCOUT, not a medium. Saying that it’s retarded that it has 400m , moer than 10s and 9s! This is just another powercreep pos.

      • Matthew Shine says:

        Powercreep? With that pen and power to weight ratio?

      • NDGR says:

        I don’t know if you noticed this yet, but it’s a light TANK, meaning it’s a lighter version of a med. So you expect it to be less armored, faster and most likely using a smaller gun. That does NOT mean a light tank isn’t supposed to deliver damage like any other class.

    • I really hate this new interface, you can’t change thumbs ups and downs.

      Anyways, 175 pen is fine. Same pen on the T-54-ltwt when it was at tier 8 and it is more than the 13 90’s pen back at tier 8. Even players that are good at driving the current tier 8 lights should feel right at home in this tank.

      Also, where are you getting premium MM from? Was there a rule that all tanks with 175 pen at tier 8 must have premium mm?

    • When i saw this thing being tested on the EU server (Yes) it was a tier 7

  4. Never mind says:

    I guess I’m happy to at last see this, but not so in love with the pen on that gun, It will be a gold spammer, but then so is every tank on SEA

  5. Iron_Tsunami says:

    32mm sides could be troll at tier VIII.

  6. pierre says:

    What was the cost of the other tier 8 light? The black walker bulldog?

  7. Peter says:

    What have they done to this tank ? It’s ruined …

    • Always Complaining says:

      How is it ruined? It kept it’s hover-craft-like terrain resistance, good mobility, similar gun characteristics as US tier 8 light tank M41 Walker Bulldog, good 400m view range. Most stats remained similar as this tank was first leaked.

  8. stormermp says:

    PLS moar prems muahahahahhhahahhah—->game dying

  9. Matsuri Kudo says:

    well at least it doesn’t have the pen it does on War Thunder >.>

  10. James K says:

    Hope the crew layout makes sense for the rest of the light line them I’m sold

  11. Anonymous says:

    Of course they bump it up to tier VIII, more $$$ that way.

  12. Havoc199 says:

    Another shitty light…gg
    And to those in the comments saying this is op….what are you even looking at….

  13. HARK0NEN says:

    FU WG. Just another p2w premium tank. 400m viewrange!!! when even some tier 9s, 10s dont have so much viewrange ffs

  14. 400m view range doesnt matter… soviet tier 10 with 390m will still outspot sherridan with 420m, since it has better camo.

  15. Still no coverage over the whole NA chat/ friend servers issue?

  16. Human Flesh says:

    yeah, yeah but where is the cute T71? I’ve seen the T71 tumor a lot, but barely the old T71 #ispremiumnow

  17. anodjl says:

    It is mainly present on WOT since October-November last, except that it is in tier VII,
    Then the question is: will there be 2 T92 LT? Or is it a tiered show of the one that is already present in play?

  18. bcstano says:

    how real are effective traverse on tanks.gg? maybe at first look good terrain resistance but efektive travers looks very poor in first on soft and medium too…HP/t is killing this? how slow this can be in uphill race? Parameter on paper looks good but i fear real agility

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