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Good day everyone,

Quick Q&A from Anton Pankov discussing the upcoming Polish tanks as well as some of the feedback from Ranked Battles and other recent announcements:

– In the past we have been trying to add a Polish content in the game, now we have a prime candidate, we want to release this premium machine – Pudel (Poodle).

We spent quite a long time looking for a suitable sample, and eventually settled on Panther, the tank was captured by the Polish resistance, at the moment it was the most suitable tank going by tier and combat characteristics. The tank will appear in game sometime this year.

– We are certainly aware of the “Rudy” tank and the TV series of the same name, and we understand that this is very important. Together with the release of the Polish nation in the client and the advent of “Poodle” we will not take immediate steps to transfer the T-34-85 “Rudy” to the Polish branch. To date, the only options for us is to leave it in the Soviet tree, or transfer it to the Polish, but that will be done much later. This is due to transfers in all regions and possibly giving players the choice in what they want to do.

– At the moment, we have a tech tree candidate. We are looking for unique tanks from the country and we’ve made a lot of progress in this, and are trying to put together our tree, and we will show it in the foreseeable future. We also need to resolve the question of how the Polish machines will interact with other European tree. We have a candidate tree, but we’ll still continue to work on it. That said we’re not going to rush into discussing specific Polish tanks or crew voices, anything like that.

From talks with players in LiveJournal:


– Everything we needed to know about Ranked was recorded and will be looked at.

Known issues to work on: Overall balance, map rotation, experience allocation for damage, Medals, skill signs, and marks on the barrel. This is all stuff to consider for the next session. We can’t really make changes on the fly.

* Anton, the idea recently came up that some might “farm” a stupid number of battles. Could you limit the number of fights per day at least 20-25?

– No, a limitation on the number of fights is not an option. Perhaps the increase in the number of ranks and the emergence of a greater number of non-combustibles, but it is only me thinking aloud.

* You’ve recently made changes to the main site, whiy? The new site looks good on phones but most of this is unnecessary considering most of us have learned how to navigate a mobile and desktop site. So why does the desktop site now look like a mobile tile site?

– It’s a bit of a shock, but you need to get used to it.

* Why not add some depth to the gaining of ranks? For example: two ranks- top 12, 3 ranks- top 10.

– Too hard, it’d be easier to increase the overall number of ranks, and make the intermediate ranks non-losable.  

* By the way, Anton, we don’t need the over complicated conditions to win the current marathon. The potatoes are burning more than usual because of it.

– Ok 🙂

* Supertest already had a Tier 6 Tiger tested. I don’t really understand the need to test the same tank: Heavy Tank No.6, Tiger 131, Tiger 217 … and the conveyor belt keeps going.

– 217, we have a cunning plan, it is very insidious.

24 comments on “Anton Pankov Q&A 6/19

  1. Vedranooo says:

    ‘– 217, we have a cunning plan, it is very insidious.’

    Yes, for your eyes, stats are still bad/same :/

  2. Shade01982 says:

    I like how the main site has an article “How do you like our new site” asking for our opinion, but Anton here is just plainly stating our opinion /doesn’t actually matter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Insidious, probably the best word for WG

  4. Kerozin says:

    Insidious? so insidious to release a new premium… anyway I am quite curious what he meant with that

  5. Vidar Hook says:

    Cunning plan huh? It better not just be Otto as the commander.

  6. Happy_player says:

    * You’ve recently made changes to the main site, whiy? The new site looks good on phones but most of this is unnecessary considering most of us have learned how to navigate a mobile and desktop site. So why does the desktop site now look like a mobile tile site?

    – It’s a bit of a shock, but you need to get used to it.

    WG once again listening to the community and giving a damn about the “happy players”

  7. qwertypresser says:

    “– 217, we have a cunning plan, it is very insidious.”

    According the the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of insidious is:
    1a : awaiting a chance to entrap: treacherous
    b : harmful but enticing: seductive insidious drugs
    2 a : having a gradual and cumulative effect: subtle the insidious pressures of modern life
    b of a disease : developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent

    On one hand, I am a little scared of their cunning plan; on the other, I am relieved that WG is starting to be honest with their player base.

  8. arthurwellsley says:

    “217, we have a cunning plan, it is very insidious. ”
    Does this mean (a) to sell it with a Berling crew, or (b) to make it a reward for a marathon mission of some description involving German tanks?

  9. Tom says:

    The usual “Can’t, Later, Too Hard”

    Why don’t you combine the NA server with EU already? NA West never breaks 5k players daily, and players there are so bad it makes me miss bots.

    • Ulysses says:

      West never breaks 5k daily? When i play, which i do on NA West, there are usually about 6-7k, even 8 sometimes.

  10. Pino says:

    “experience allocation for damage, Medals, skill signs”

    Interesting to see they want to look into this just because of the feedback from ranked battles.

    Btw are there more infos out yet about tank buffs (premium and regular)?

  11. Anonymous says:

    …. and now a PLAYER question: How about Wargaming deal with the REAL day to day problems that PLAYERS want resolved on the NA server, like fixing the friends list that is gone again, and the inability to communicate with individual CLAN members and platoon with people? This has been broken for over a month, and is an important aspect to the game for many. This is just one of a few problems not being dealt with on the last patch.

  12. Dillweed says:

    What could wg possibly be doing for anton to say they have ‘cunning plans’ for the tiger 217…

    1000hp engine? 340mm pen on AP rounds?

  13. gONE_CLICKin says:

    A “cunning plan”? Like Baldrick’s plans is the Blackadder TV series? Aside from that is sounds like some marathon or PM reward.

  14. wolvenworks says:

    Notice that every nation introductory vehicle (Chi-Nu Kai, HT no6, Strv m/42-57 alt A.2, Skoda T-40) is strategically placed on the mid-tiers (tier 5 and 6). I think the reason why the Polish intro tank is a Panther is due to the fact that Poland has VERY LIMITED candidates for that gap between genuine Polish tankettes, and Soviet T-34s. and it seems a Panther is deemed more acceptable than a T-34 or an allied tank the Poles were using during their time working with the English during WW2 (Sherman, Cromwell, Firefly)

  15. Insidious … just like the federation …

  16. Vlad says:

    Are you kidding me? Move to Rudy in the Polish tech tree? DON”t touch my russian crew trainer! It is a bad idea, i just bought the Rudy like 1-2 months ago when it was on sale again to train a crew for when i want to grind for T-62A later this year and they want to move it to the polish tech tree? F*** off :/

  17. malkavian_str says:

    Given this is a Rashan game, how likely are Polish Armed Forces in the West tanks as premiums?

  18. blurredline says:

    There is T-34-88 on WOT console, and it can train Soviet and German crews.Why not make Rudy able to train Polish and Soviet ?


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