14 comments on “9.19.1 Polish Camouflage

  1. Never mind says:

    Sorry to say, I’m not all that impressed.

  2. chalupar says:

    Well… just ROFL of those ugly camo 🙁

  3. Vedranooo says:

    Whole Polish tree is crap, copy tanks with ugly camo..

  4. Jurrunio says:

    These 3 look like what we have for the Soviets.

  5. Mike says:

    still really annoyed there are no Italians

  6. DonPerdo says:

    Polish camo on german tank? WTF?

    • DonPerdo says:

      Sorry… i’m little drunk… what a fake?

      • wheeledtank says:

        Its just being used as a reference point (as the Panther M10 has alot of flat angles)

        Besides, the first Polish tank to be added seems to be a captured Panther, so it makes sense a Panther variant is being used for the “Model”

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