5 comments on “From Yuri Pasholok at Tankfest 2017

  1. nrnstraswa says:

    Awesome replicas!

  2. killswitch95 says:

    You see, if WG would have got off their asses made multi-gun support just for the fun of it, then when they had that 100 year WWI event they could have sold all three of those as tier 2 heavy tank premium tanks in a bundle for about 20-30 USD… I would have bought them… Even if it isn’t practical WG, there’s money to be made from it…

    • Ion7 says:

      Tier 2 could be stretching it…no armor, slow, and small guns. I would love to see a ww1 special mode with different vehicles representing different classes or playstyles though.

  3. RAD FROOD 25 says:

    I want a St.Chamond and I want it now wargaming. I’d give my left bollock for one


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