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  1. Uruk says:

    Hmmm, the m/42 didnt have a shortgun because of any law but due to the brass being convinced it would hamper operations in wooded terrain

    • Blockhaj says:

      No thats not the real story. There was a real law that specified that the barrel shall not protrude beyond the hull. The pvkv m/43 was designed so the gun could be pushed into the tank when on the drive to make sure the long barrel didn’t protrude beyond the hull. Its speculated that this law was a way to sabotage the Swedish tank brigade by the Swedish navy ho wanted to be the first line and best line off defense in case of an attack. They tried to sabotage the air force as well a lot of times.

  2. Brett Brakefield says:

    Easy solution, turn around, come back, mount the 105mm…then teach the swedes a lesson.
    If only that actually worked. Still…the silliest of laws weren’t just in the modern era, so this was an amusing comic page. 😛

  3. Uruk says:

    Istället för att förse Strv m/42 med ett långt 57 mm eldrör med hög utgångshastighet men med risk att hindra framkomligheten, blev beslutet att gå på den 75 mm kortare kanon med endast 28 kalibrars relativ längd som ej stack ut framför chassiet och som dessutom gav bättre verkan med spränggranater.

    Before you quip about internet pages its by Richard O. Lindström among other things author of “Svenskt Pansar”

    • Blockhaj says:

      Its from a Nazi webpage. But the 75 was mounted since the tank was not built for anti tank warfare. That doctrine came later and then they decided to give that role to dedicated tank destroyers. As mentioned it could fire effective he shells and that was better than having a 57 mm gun which had a better range and better armor penetration but would be horrible against infantry.

  4. Uruk says:

    What nazi webpage?

  5. Uruk says:

    Are you serious? Its Lindströms family homepage….

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