Milkym4n’s Batchat 25t HD remodel


Hello everyone, Milkym4n hast just finished a nice Batchat 25t HD remodel.

So for anyone who wants a HD batchat right now can go and download it here

Bat. Chat. 25 t

And here is how you install it: Copy to “World_of_Tanks\mods\

8 comments on “Milkym4n’s Batchat 25t HD remodel

  1. Yomir says:

    Feels bad man… just when wg were about to make it HD themselves.

  2. Nameless says:

    Windows 98 LOL
    How the hell does it still work like… 19 years later??

  3. pompeypigeon says:

    Not sure what’s more amazing, the model or the operating system 🙂

  4. OrigamiChik3n says:

    I wonder though why would he chose W98 over W98SE. Weird.

  5. Peter Parker says:

    Looks shit, WG HD much better!

  6. kunexar says:

    I wonder how many ppl know that you can disable so many graphic options in windows that he might be using XP or even 7? (And sugesting system version over wallpaper:P)

  7. Eqro says:

    who even cares cuz its getting hd by wg and nerfed
    this tank is gone after 9.20 its the new foch 155 no one plays it


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