WZ-120G FT spotted on the SEA server


Thanks to jova7117 for showing this to us on the RsR discord channel 

It appears that there is a WZ-120 G FT is roaming around on the SEA server, whether that means that WG is considering to add them on the other servers or not is not known, i’ll let you speculate about that in the comments.

24 comments on “WZ-120G FT spotted on the SEA server

  1. Anonymous says:

    I see an ISU and Foch combo

  2. davidblader says:

    I’ve heard these Chinese TDs are made up by these Chinese guys who own the Chinese server. Is it true? Idk what to say, as I’ve seen proposals for Chinese TDs in the past, even on FTR

    • Vidar Hook says:

      Some of them are pretty much made up. Some tanks may have been Soviet-made and later shipped to china and modified, but my guess is that there was some “what if?” strategy involved in their creations.

    • Shade01982 says:

      It was confirmed earlier all of them are indeed made up by the Chinese WoT hosting party.

      Mostly because there is very little original material on the subject without it becoming another copy-paste party.

  3. che2palle says:

    YES! more P2W crap!
    Boycott the game. stop buying premium tanks, we need to show WG that we don’t need more premium tanks we need a GOOD quality game. I would love to buy cosmetitcs for my tanks. I would love to make my Stug3 a premium…but WG will sell OP premium tanks untill the game is so saturated that will cause SEVERE problems with the mm and game balancing. WoT was a fun game.

  4. Anonymous says:

    WZ-120G FT is tier 9 TD.. why do you think that its P2W?? And we need more tanks to grind..

  5. zombietropa says:

    *tech line, not tree

  6. zombietropa says:

    Regarding the Chinese TDs, from what I can remember, they aren’t historical (tbh, regarding WoT, this isnt much an issue, with the now dead Waffle Tractor E100 and the still present FV215b 120 in game). I’d much see other tech lines introduced, such as British LTs.

  7. Ville says:

    I saw this Chinese TD too, on the 9.19.1 common test server. It was a few days ago…

  8. Ville says:

    I saw this tier 9 TD too on the 9.19.1 Common Test

  9. Ion7 says:

    How long ago was this taken? Is SEA that far behind? Look at the mm.

  10. PUNISHER989 says:

    The next Chinese TD yo see, everyone just report the player, we don’t want this trash on our server.

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