WoT 9.20 American Medium Balance Changes


Good day everyone,

Just announced on the WoT RU Facebook page, the US Pattons are getting some long needed TLC in the form of turret buffs (from what has been announced so far anyway).

The Tier 9 M46 Patton will be receiving an overall frontal turret buff, fairly self explanatory:


While the M48 will be receiving a new M48A5 tower that features a much smaller commanders cupola over the current version, as well as some cosmetic and armor differences.


Now note, this is Supertest material and no guarantee that any of this will reach the live server, that said, it is good to see these two old workhorses get some attention.

65 comments on “WoT 9.20 American Medium Balance Changes

  1. Lafie says:

    Would be nice if the 59-P got a similar turret treatement too..

  2. Anonymous says:

    As someone who loves the pattons, these buffs feel kind of overpowered as they would bounce shots mostly out of shape before, and now they have both armor and shape.

  3. Lafie says:

    At least as far as the smaller cupola is concerned. I am not seriously asking for a turret as thick as the M48’s new one, I am not that crazy.

  4. kinger2005 says:

    As someone who actually likes the pattons, this feels a little overpowered. They primarily bounce from their shapes and weird angles, and now they have both armor and shape.

  5. It’s a good move and I appreciate it

  6. OseanTanker says:

    Well, seeing as how the M46 is my favorite tank in the game, I certainly won’t complain about buffs. That and the M48 losing its flight tower might make me actually play it more (its a great tank but that weakspot really killed it for me).

    My sympathies go out to my French playing comrades.

  7. xxtechmanxx says:

    Yes Buff all the Russian and American Tanks and leave the Germans behind its not really worth playing German Meds anymore they might be nice snipers but when you want to snipe everyone flames you for camping and shit.

    E50 M and Leopard 1 need some love!

    • Anonymous says:

      They got buffs in 9.17.1.
      Ya know where every med and heavy tier 6+ got some form of buff

      • Anonymous says:

        you mean the E50M HD nerf? They made the tank larger in all dimensions, thus the angling changed an the armor lost some effective thickness. Also the 20mm increase due to HD nerf only gives sub 10 mm increase in effective thickness, turret also lost a lot of effective armor. Check tanks.gg before and after 9.17 armor model, if you don’t believe.

    • cynicaldutchie says:

      The E50M is one of the best T10s, what the hell are you on about?

    • Celtic says:

      Dude, the German mediums have laser guns for cannons.. and the E-50M is stupid powerful. The Leo 1 could use some handling love but that’s about it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    anybody remeber the british tank?

  9. Could have just implemented a historical M60A1 and it would accomplish the same thing.

  10. duckofd3ath says:

    srsly WG?!
    The m46 already is one of the best tier9 mediums in the Game anyways,buffing it is just ridiculous and even the m48 does not need more buffs it is already a great tank for randoms…

    • heinz says:

      The best tier 9 is Russian, what else? The HEAT-54 is way more powerful than Patton. Now both get buffs so it won’t change

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ok but why? I like the pattons now :S

  12. Morganator says:

    At least it will be actually usefull to go hulldown then and dont get autopenned by everything that shoots at you

  13. what about M60 and T95E6…they need some love too WG….

    • An unimportant person says:

      T95E6 had its gun handling buffed a few patches ago… M60 could use the same buff that WG gave M48

  14. Havoc199 says:

    Good all round changes to be honest.
    Maybe over buffed the turret front on the patton 48. Thank God they got rid of the skyscraper on its roof though.

    Now where’s the German med buffs…..

    • cynicaldutchie says:

      Yeah, the E50M isn’t amazing enough as it is yet. It should at least get maus tier armor and 750 alpha.

      • Pretty sure he means the Leopard 1.

      • Havoc199 says:

        Turret front and RoF. Worst DPM of all tier 10 meds. There are plenty tier 9 meds with better DPM. If those two are buffed, not massively it will bring the tank more in line with the ridiculous Russian meds.

        Then there’s the panther, panther 2, panther 8.8, most of the VK series, leo 1, indien panzer, mutz…..all of them are basically shit….there is no 2 ways about it.

        Your childish response and over the top reaction is amusing though.

    • An unimportant person says:

      I thought they buffed them back in 9.17.1 already?

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes but the panther 8.8 is still shit..I went to see the tanks average win rating and it was stone dead at the last positions with a pathetic win rating. The mutz is much better,but I also cannot think of a buff to the panther 8.8 that would be logical. Armor buff is impossible cause it’s a panther,speed isn’t really possible cause again,it’s a panther so the only logical thing is if it was firing apcr as standard and got even better dpm. It’s fine as a tank,and I think tanks should be at this powerlevel but the new premiums just laugh at you as your 203 mm of pen scratch the paint on the defender’s armor..

  15. Katyusha_pravda_ says:

    Interesting to see that WG is going into the fuck historycal accuracy path, good thing i left this shit

  16. Its all well and good. But what was needed was the M48A2/A3 hull with diesel engine and rear heat extractors. With thse buffs a nerf will be incoming soon after.

  17. Armour is more important than anything, quick, give the ELC 10000 MM of armour, it needs it to survive now since its gun has become utter shit and mobility was nerfed, so it should be like a maus right now, WG! F***ING DO SOMETHING, TANK IS NOT BALLANCED ENOUGH! PLEH! (reverse of help)

    But really WG? Buffing tanks that are already pretty good? Oh, almost forgot all the other way too OP tanks that were OP already and got buffed…

  18. Mikosah says:

    As if the Centurions weren’t obsolete enough as it is.

  19. Arkasia says:

    M48 need buff but T54E1 dont ??

  20. madogthefirst says:

    M48 HYPE!

  21. Berto72 says:

    and M 60 ?

  22. Shayke says:

    how about the m46kr ? also getting the same buff?

  23. Snow says:

    What about the KV-5 and others that were supposed to receive buffs? If anything needs it kv5 really does…

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah kv5 is unplayable now! Is6 as well….The tanks themselves are awsome and are perfectly balanced tier wise,but it’s the new premiums that powercreeped them to hell! I mean a defender will eat you for breakfast and a liberte for dinner. I would rather see the last two nerfed instead of the first two buffed even if I own both a kv5 and an is6 but wg puts money above all. (Never gonna buy defender for moral reasons)

      • Matthew Shine says:

        You do know both the KV-5 and IS-6 are being rebalanced soon?
        I mean, everyone knows…except you obviously, lol.

    • Matthew Shine says:

      KV-5 and IS-6 are both being re-balanced.
      Because of their pref MM, it’s not as simple as just buffing them.
      It should be in 9.20, or not much later than that.

  24. …..M48 patton witl tougher turrets and smaller cupola?
    Sounds too good to be true.

  25. Tel says:

    na bo we just sell u a new tank cause we need more money

  26. An unimportant person says:

    Interesting… the M48 is now visually very similar to M60… even tho WZ 111 1-4 and WZ 111 5A look exactly the same to me

  27. Wargaming literally avoids adding the M60 A1 so much they unhistorically buff a tank. Oh and btw they couldnt even get that right. The cupola is wayyy bigger than on the A5

  28. also watch as they buff m60 20 patches after this LOL

  29. Partybooper says:

    In this new meta with fast mediums which have impenetrable turrets and can snapshot like a boss, the Leopard 1 became absolutely obsolete.
    It’s a pity. It was my most played tank (still have the most battles in it, but haven’t played it for ages) and my most favourite one because in the past, it was fast and had an accuracy advantage with nice penetration. Now there are countless mediums with great ground resistances which makes them just as fast as the Leopard 1, no bloom on the move or when turning the turret, just yoloing you and wrecking you with their insane DPM and armor.

    A pity there’s no room anymore for this once glorious tank.

  30. blacklupos says:

    What about the T69 and the T54E1? They are in desperate need of buff.

  31. Swiss cheese says:

    With the most high tiet meds buffed; When wil the t55a get Some love?


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