30 comments on “9.20 Chinese Mediums- T-34-3

  1. skivster says:

    >not a obvious soviet clone
    choose one

  2. Iron_Tsunami says:

    Looks like they shorted the gun to look more like a 390 dmg 122 and less like the WZ-120’s 440. Would have been funny to get a buff to 440 dmg though.

  3. SpottableSky says:

    I thought that the entire turret front was gonna get buffed to 200 but HOLY MOTHER TERESA up to 260 raw frontal turret armor plus 200mm turret cheeks?! I remember getting penned in the mantlet AND being overmatched in the turret roof back before the powercreep premiums (I haven’t played it since then). Plus 80mm buffed side armor!! the hull armor was BEYOND atrocious! It could have been overmatched by 152mm guns since it is 50 mm. These buffs were more than needed, but I think if it needs anything more is buffing the AP pen to 185, 175 pen guns like the 122mm D25T guns are trash nowadays with tanks like the Liberte, Patriot, and Defender. Or atleast buff the accuracy to .40 or .39 I mean the M4A1 Rev has .32 accuracy and 390 alpha but it’s a support medium. Give the T-34-3 either pen or accuracy and it’ll be worth its price since it’s quite an expensive t8 med prem.

    • Ragnarokbazil says:

      I load 20 he shells in my WZ its the same gun lol and it will wreck faces.

    • Marc Schreiber says:

      yeah… the t34-3 is a good tank. Remember it has preferential mm, and with the current mm system this tank faces a lot of tier VIII and VII tanks with tops 5 tier IX in the ‘worst’ mm. Yes the pen is shit, yes the aiming time is shit, so you mis a lot of shots. But with the current maps, sniping is not the way to go; positioning is key.

      In conclusion, the buffs are not a necessity in my opinion. There are others that really need a buff (e.g. TVP VTU, french td line, britisch heavies, etc.)

  4. andrebellons says:

    Any armor buff is great for sure… but considering the average penetration values increased with the new premiums (and the new MM) it won’t be such a game changer…
    But against par/lower tiers will be much better

  5. Lafie says:

    Nice. As a proud 34-3 owner I certainly am not complaining.

  6. Charcharo says:

    All WG had to do, was give it 185 penetration, a tad better accuracy and 60-70mm side armor (so it isn’t overmatched)… why do so much WG… why?

  7. pixywing says:

    Too bad you are still going to have to spam HEAT to play this thing with how heavily armored the overpowered premiums like the Chrysler K, Defender, Patriot (good luck aiming for weakspots with its accuracy) which flooded the NA server (3+ every game got old on release, let alone actually playing strongholds)

  8. madogthefirst says:

    Where do they get this weird idea that mediums need armor? I mean as much as I will love the Patton changes not everything is supposed to tank shells with their face.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love it, but the pen is still low

  10. SirNopp says:

    Seeing this buff makes me feel sad… Since I’m a poor guy, the only way I can play a derpy Chinese medium with a derpy gun and not lose money on the 121 is the T-34-2 and after the suggested buffs for the T-44 and now the T-34-3, the T-34-2 is even worst… GIVE SOME LOVE TO THE CUTE LITTLE T-34-2 PLEASE WG T.T

  11. RagnarokBazil says:

    if they buff the gun it will buff all 122mms wz111 etc

    • Psychopatton says:

      They should buff those guns to 190-200 pen. Now that we have beasts like Defender etc. Also the preferential mm is nerfed now because of the new mm.

  12. Romano_Ita says:

    Thx u Wg thx u 😀😀 T 34-3 poweeeer

  13. Never mind says:

    All this new armor is nice but given the power creep, its gun is still trash! The tank has no point. It will still have to spam HEAT to pen anything, so your not playing it to make credits. Its for sure not a support sniper tank, and the not really a brawler… so what is it? An abomination! Please rethink this tank.

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. TogkatSakti says:

    *Heavy Breathing

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