WoT – Micropatch for


Tonight on RU, EU and probably NA (no information as yet) a Micropatch will be rolled out.

On RU. July 20 from 6:00 to 6:45 (MSC) servers will be unavailable

On EU. The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 20.07.2017 from 06:00 to 06:45 CEST.  

The micopatch contents. (from NA portal)

  • Fixed the issue where the name of the map was not specified in post-battle notifications.
  • Fixed the issue where the Tier II vehicle that the player received for completion of Bootcamp did not acquire the Elite status in the standard Garage.
  • Fixed the issue with keyboard and right mouse button inputs in clan management mode.
  • Fixed the logic of some personal missions: missions that require the player to cause damage to different vehicle of a same vehicle type will be counted according to the mission’s description.
  • Fixed the issue where the Personal Rating did not change after a play in Team Battle mode
  • Fixed some technical issues.


11 comments on “WoT – Micropatch for

  1. Vidar Hook says:

    Instead of doing micropatches, can they fix the matchmaker? A few weeks ago there was an exploit where you went into a platoon alone and almost guaranteed yourself a top-tier game. Now all you have to do is play tier 10 when ranked is up. Pretty much 60-70% of games then are top tier. And it’s the exact opposite for tier 8.

    • Bernbob says:

      Wait being top tier at tier 10? Impossible….,

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that for many year now all you have to do is plat tier 10 and you end as top tier with even much higher ratio than 60-70% 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        not really, you are top tier in tier 10 tank when you are in tier 10 battle, when you can feast on tier 8, when all the tanks are tier 10 you are in tier 12 battle and there are no lower tiers to smash 🙂

  2. Peter says:

    euhmmm when you play tier 10 you are always toptier …..

  3. OrigamiChik3n says:

    “some LBZs”… Was that really SO HARD to translate?

  4. Je Lo says:

    Boom – my fav mods gone again,,,,,,, I guess will be out tomorrow to fook it all up again

  5. Calum says:

    And now premium Tank equipment. Just *ucked the game

  6. PUNISHER989 says:

    So when are they going to make it possible to map auto aim and turret locking to separate keys.


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