War Thunder – New Chinese vehicles on the Chinese client


So some new Chinese vehicles has been found on the Chinese client. Now for those of you who doesn’t know, on the Chinese client China has its own tech tree. Previously it has been filled with copies of other nations planes or slightly modded ones. Gaijin has for the past year started filling it will unique Chinese vehicles, 2 of them (the LVT Zis-2 & Type 62) has appeared on the open server as reward vehicles. Now since these vehicles are not carbon copies they have a fairly big chance to appear on the open server as reward vehicles in the future.

I don’t know who found these originally but someone named kololzII¬†uploaded them to imgur. Now to the vehicles.


Hawk III (Tier 1 Premium Fighter-Bomber)


T-34-85 (215) North Korea (Tier IV Premium Medium Tank)

Type 69 (Tier V Regular Medium Tank)

Type 69-IIa (Tier 5 Reward Medium Tank)

And that’s pretty much it.

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13 comments on “War Thunder – New Chinese vehicles on the Chinese client

  1. Akina90 says:

    Waiting for Type 80/88

  2. Katyusha_Pravda_ says:

    The Type 79 would be interesting, basically a “modernized” T-54 with the L7 105mm gun.

    • Blockhaj says:

      The type 69-IIa has the 105 l7

      • Katyusha_Pravda_ says:

        no, that’s the D-10, propably the S variant, as i think it was stabilized.
        Note the bore evacuator at the end of the muzzle, the L7 evacuator is in the mid of the muzzle
        It was the Type 69 IIIb A.K.A type 79 that has the L7.

      • kingtrygon says:

        Might make for an interesting second medium line in WoT too.

      • Blockhaj says:

        Well they use smoothbore guns.

    • Anonymous says:

      Type 79 is based on a Chinese variation of a captures t-62, not a t-54. Some variations even featuring composite elements in the armor.

  3. Dracon says:

    Lol, you guys will be waiting a LONG time. This is Chinese server. Remember WoT? Yeah, you wont be seeing it outside of screenshots.

    • Blockhaj says:

      We have already seen the type 62 and the lvt zis-2 and they came a few weeks after they came on the chinese server.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Im fairly sure the type 69 is in wot under the misleading name of the 121B. (Or atleast one of its prototypes.) the normal 121 is a fake af tank

  5. dddzxc says:

    I think you can reprint this article, which is the future tech tree made by WT CHINA server historian.



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