9 comments on “Swiss tech tree video (slow day post)

  1. Aditya says:

    What is keeping Wg to implement these tech trees from Wot?

  2. Thank you Mizu for this, it means so much 😀 and it was really fun looking into the tech tree! 😀

  3. IndygoEEI says:

    HotShot please do the Polish tree soon… I’m really wondering what that tree is going to be about…

    • Aditya says:

      Totally agree. I am especially curious about the top tier tank/tanks.

    • Mizutayio says:

      I think it’s best to just wait for gamescom for the polish tree.
      It’s unlikely going to be the community made one as apparently WG has found a whole lot of paper tanks for the highe tiers.

    • Wont be doing the polish as they have found some paper tanks, so i have no idea what will be in it. However i have a new tree for next week already in the works 🙂


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