17 comments on “WoT – How to play the Pudel

  1. legoguy3632 says:

    “artillery and allies”, because they are two different things 😛

  2. skivster says:

    How to scam Poles into buying a stock Panter 101.

  3. Dracon says:

    How to play: Press W.
    Left click to fire.
    Most important: Buy BUNDLES

  4. Domo says:

    why is this site still up? stop giving rita an easy life she doesnt do shit and rakes in the money.

    you guys need to leave and make your own news channel. you guys do 95% of the work.

    • SpottableSky says:

      If you can get this through your thick skull… it appears Rita is a typical human with responsibilities, or to put it like this: she has a life. We all don’t have time lock ourselves in our basement 24/7 and rage in social media while jacking off to hentai like you.

    • Matthew Shine says:

      Is this all you have to do with your life?
      You pathetic cunt.

    • bbmoose says:

      The other two guys are a bit faster with their news, but this blog has it’s own thing. Nothing wrong with Rita, I also like the articles of the other contributors. If she doesn’t do anything wrong, what’s your fucking problem?

  5. Memes aside, some of the info in the video is good. unfortunately it’s in a video to promote a premium stock panther or top VK 30.02 M based on how you look at it.

  6. Pangzhu says:

    is it an error in the models, or why is the pudel so much taller than the vk 30.02 m?
    am hoping for some enlightening answers 🙂

  7. madogthefirst says:

    How to play the the Poodle:

    Play like a stock Panther or for the less initiated a slightly better armored VK M. Now go out there and club some pubbies.

  8. 42aleph says:

    Just 4 the record
    I played 22 games in the Pudel and my crew is at the 3. skill at about 75%!!!?!!

    I got the crew with BIA
    Done the included 5x XP missions
    And had a 100% XP booster on.

    Nevertheless it seems as a bug that my crew members have about 425k XP already after 22 battles only.

  9. siralexice says:

    This tank *is* SHIT.
    shit armor
    shit aim
    shit handling
    shit pen

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