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WoT – Update 9.20 Common Test Review

Wargaming’s Preview and explanatory Video.

11 thoughts on “WoT – Update 9.20 Common Test Review

  1. where is the british medium tank change?

    1. What medium tank change? All I ever saw about the brits was a change to the TD’s

    2. What are you talking about?

    3. The Brit changes are on supertest and will come sometime later, probably patch 9.21

  2. So the usual time it takes from common test to the patch goes live is how long…? Going away on holiday, so won’t have the time to finish grinding the foch 155 until the last week of august

    1. Usually two to three weeks from its start

    2. the patch might already be out at that point, I suggest you change your password for a while and ask a friend that already has it to grind it for you.

  3. The chinese tds suprisingly are not fake… if you go to ftr you will see design prints of them.

  4. I want the 30vs30 as standard battle!!

  5. When will they launch it on all servers?


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