9.20 Complete Changes / Changelog



as usual, I’ve compiled the whole list of changes from the 9.20 patch:




<I’m sorry Sofilein!


38 comments on “9.20 Complete Changes / Changelog

  1. Just Call Me Zo says:

    Um… why does Soviet Tank Destroyer have a turret value given? Unless I’m super high, it’s a turret-less TD…

    • Renarde_Martel says:

      All vehicles have a ‘turret’ in the game code.

    • Reflection says:

      Yeah, as usual seems like no one bothered to proof read any of this. They just copy and pasted it and said “yeah, that’ll do”

      • Rita Sobral says:

        What Renarde said.

        Plus the purpose of me compiling the entire changelog changes which by the way can take hours and it does fuck with your mind, is that the community can visualise all changes.

        I post everything for you even if it looks ridiculous or weird, it has nothing to do with “cant be bothered”, it simply would defeat the purpose of why I post this.

      • Havoc199 says:

        The patch notes are on the WoT website. Go fuck off there if you do want to read copy paste.

        If not then read this and shut up. Keep your self entitled gobby mouth shut.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What’s with 5 gold for Foch 155? Does it mean that you can buy it for 5 gold in the future if you have owed it once?

    • Anonymous says:

      no, its because 155 owners get the 50b for free, and WG doesnt also want to give you 3 050 000 credits for free in case you want to sell the 155

    • Rita Sobral says:


      5 Gold is the standard price they put the tank into before it goes into Premium Store or gets removed/replaced. It will never be sold at such price.

      In this case the Foch 155 is on the “Adieu” street.

  3. Anonymous says:

    9.20 in how long?

  4. alehodero says:

    What is that WT doing in there?

    • Anonymous says:

      China only

    • Yomir says:

      Well, it will return of course! Only for the chinese server tho…

    • Rita Sobral says:

      Type 59 Gold is also in the game files yet we cant have it.

      Each server has the ability to temporarily remove maps from rotation and to keep certain tanks away.

      Normal procedure really.

      • witts says:

        Hi Rita, Thank you very much for your very kind work. I am curious that if you have any information on the release time of the official 9.20 patch on live server? Because I am currently grinding the Foch 155, so that I hope I could finish my grind on time.

  5. GamingW/War says:

    T92 eh? Super test tank? Or new premium? Interesting.

  6. aminek says:

    hum can i ask why is the WT auf e100 (P) in here? i’m really curious…

    • Phat_Buddah says:

      Duno, i´m like a question mark too, i know its out in the Chinese servers with just that (P), that has Rita declered before, but that it will come to EU servers, that i had no qlue about….so Rita, give us more knowledge about where you got that Info about WT Auf E100 (P)? otherwise, thank you for this briefing.

  7. MrFlappyWrists says:

    Are the suggested changes to the Chinese premium mediums (T-34-3, 59-Patton, and Type 59) no longer going ahead?

    I have never seen any further mention about them since last month. Haven’t seen anything in the test server notes.

  8. Shayke says:

    How about the british tds?
    it won’t make it to 9.20?

  9. Anonymous says:

    T-44 LW “invisibility” seems like buffed E25 troll tank as it is posted like this 😀

  10. Kindabruh says:

    Seems that the T71 is getting moved to tier 8… Also, the WT E100 costs 3000 USD on the Chinese server…

  11. pecae says:

    why american tank have buff in turet x2 and sssr only x1,1 more….

  12. 7 says:

    So I’ve got the t-54. Now that the object 140 has much less turret weakness, would it be significantly better than the T-62a?

  13. Anonymous says:

    No t34-3 buff? i thought it would get some troll armor.

  14. Sir Tog II says:

    I don’t actually see anything horrendous in this list… Looks promising in fact 🙂

  15. Anonymous says:

    I think the is 7 is still underpowered. It needs ne gun handleling of the Leo 1, the pen of standard ammo and alpha of that great bl10 combined with grille accuracy and bc movespeed. t54 turret still paper thin and obj140 defintly needs alpha of e100

    german tanks are too OP. leo 1 needs the light tractor engine (already got the same armor) and e100 has way to much pen. 100mm would be realistic. and the maus is still way to fast. forward speed should be reduced to 2 km/h.

    ah of course if you hit the turret of the any german tank the gearbox should be knocked out as well. or if you miss. this would be just fair.

    and then we call the game “world of we only like russian tanks so fu** you all”

    tanks for reading… i guess

  16. Anonymous says:

    American medium tank M48A1 Patton

    – Gun 90 mm Gun M41 removed
    – Gun 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 removed

    so do we get a refund for the 45k exp spent on the M48’s top gun?

    • _Mad_Dog_ says:

      The “refund” is that they just increase the research cost of the tank.. so you are not getting anything
      Just new players will have to grind the tier 9 longer but won’t have to grind on the tier 10

  17. nice buffs for t54 proto and t44 100 R…. i love it very much….. ^^

  18. OneNutMIA says:

    I always wanted German tanks to have almost impenetrable armor in the front of the tank, but at various times during a match, something would break down. For instance, you are driving along, and a track falls off. Or you shoot your gun, and the barrel has to be repaired. Random thoughts by OneNutMIA…(NA server)

  19. GermanKommandant says:

    if WG is buffing the T-54 I expect similar treatment towards the T-55a.

    • aminek says:

      i highly agree on this, as an owner of the t55a, the two are very very similar and should recieve same changes.

    • banjoman150 says:

      No i think the T55 has a huge advantage in its gun because the standard T54 has to chose between great gunhandling /accuracy or great DPM while the T55 has both at the same time.

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