Supertest- British Heavy Tank Changes


A few changes being made to select British heavy tanks, in this case, Conqueror and Caernarvon. Among the changes, it seems there is a possibility that Conqueror might be getting the Super Conqueror turret with spaced armor it the armor card is anything to go by (Super Conqueror at Tier X will have better soft stats and hull spaced armor however).

The overall goal here is to adapt the high tier British heavies to a more heavily armored and traditional role for heavy tanks, rather than the quasi-medium support role they have now:



  • Tier IX
  • Speed: + 34.3 / -12 kph
  • Hull Traverse: 26 ° / s
  • Turret Traverse: 32 ° / s
  • Gun: 120mm Gun L1A1
  • Penetration: 259/326 / 120 mm
  • DMG: 400/400/515
  • Accuracy: 0.33
  • Aim Time: 1.9 s
  • Reload: 11.3 s




  • Tier VIII
  • Speed: 34.3 + / -12 km / h
  • Hull Traverse: 24 ° / s
  • Turret Traverse: 30 ° / s
  • Gun: OQF 32 pdr Gun Mk.II
  • Penetration: 220/252/47 mm
  • DMG: 280/280/370
  • Accuracy: 0.34
  • Aim Time: 2.3 seconds
  • Reload: 6 sec

28 comments on “Supertest- British Heavy Tank Changes

  1. Finally, some British HT buffs (cmiiw if it’s a 2nd buff or so)

  2. MrEdweird says:

    YEEEEES, Caern got a new gun!

  3. Ion7 says:

    Hmm, the chieftain fits in with their current play style as it is. But seeing the changes these two are getting, the lack of HD model for the 215b, and no changes listed to it…I smell a Christmas/earlier shake up.

    • Mizutayio says:

      You’re wrong, the FV215b will be replaced with conqueror Mk. 3* ( or how it’s wrongly known as: Super Conqueror)
      Afaik, the Chieftain will get it’s own line.

      • Ion7 says:

        Not necessarily a Q&A but…
        Do you expect the stats we currently have to be artificially buffed for the conquer Mk.3? And if the Chieftain could get its own line, what would it include? I’m not too familiar on my British HT history.

      • Ion7 says:

        Nvm just realized the Mk.3 and buffed conquer are two different tanks.

  4. Blackswordsmen says:

  5. Anonymous says:

    The conqueror’s reload went up by more then 1s, that is a 10% dpm nerf. Lets hope this doesnt happen since dpm always was the british specialty 🙁

  6. zombietropa says:

    Its kinda a shame that the Conq is losing its DPM. But at the same time, its gaining MUCH, MUCH better turret armour. There were one or two spots where HEAT could punch on through. Since its getting spaced armour, say goodbye to that concern. That and a thinker upper plate, the Conq is going to be a hull down monster.

    Also, the Caravan is getting a gun that would actually work on a heavy tank. And really nice DPM. Makes up for the fact that the ammo rack is made up of toffee.

  7. wot121 says:

    At the rate this buffs are going they might as well do away with AP and sell only gold bullets.

  8. squishystar says:

    Looks great! Suppose we could start saying that WoT is heading in the right direction =)

  9. Appenzeller käse says:

    What about Some love for the tier 7 fv201 (a45) ?

  10. Blankman says:

    About time, about time.. This is nice, since the current Caravan is arguably worse than Cent.1.. Now, i wonder if they gonna give BP the 20pdr type A? Just saying..

  11. Jurrunio says:

    When will they buff the Churchill VII and Black Prince? Their guns have terrible penetration for their tier, and the poor speed just make things worse.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Please give the Black Prince a better gun

  13. pecae says:

    All tier 10 tank buff but is4 is can pen roof whit tier5…..

  14. Romano_Ita says:

    Now i want massive buffs to e50m a d e100, the weakest tanks…

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