16 comments on ““Sabaton” Strv 81

  1. Mizutayio says:

    This one actually looks really cool.

    • Ion7 says:

      Unhistorical buff its armor some more and make it a HT like the T26e5 and bam! What the players want, a krv crew trainer.
      However is does look sweet and many Strv 74 and Leo fans will love this ’cause it has a loader.

  2. avalon304 says:

    For what it is… it isnt bad. Still gona remove the skin though because permaskins are bad.

  3. cuminyomouthvegan says:

    Yet another eyesore to deal with… Who at Cyprus comes up with these clown camos?

    • DeadArashi says:

      still better then the patriotic flag premiums

    • heinz says:

      You can easily reskin them all because there are versions of the tanks without special paint job. In my client only the tiger131 is painted differently than the countries colour because the model is different than the normal tiger

      • cuminyomouthvegan says:

        I can live with black tanks, Lorraine and animal themed camos but tanks like this one totally break the immersion. Next we will get yellow and red “happy meal” tanks with freedumb..ehm…mcdonald’s logo on its side…

  4. Tachenk0 says:

    Cool, love Sabaton, saw them twice live, have 2 T-shirts
    But I just….just…This thing will cost 50€ again….so it is a no go for me

  5. yingyu0502 says:

    Gamescom17 sell it?

  6. Obsidian_Rose says:

    Just as long as they also provide a normal version without eyesore skin.

  7. nrnstraswa says:

    Looking forward to the Strv 81. It’s a decent skin but I will buy the normal bundle.

  8. vipercann says:

    dammit, i have to break my oath and spend money on this game one more.

  9. Seth says:

    I wonder how many Alabama fans will buy it thinking it is called SABANTON?

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