13 comments on “WoT Patch 9.20 Rollout Date

  1. Anonymous says:

    and SEA/ASIA a week or two later….

  2. Never mind says:

    So add a week to 10 days for WG to camel caravan the patch to the SEA server. Does anyone know why SEA is almost always late?

  3. Any information about the bitish tanks? Will the Cent get the Sabaton turret or not?

  4. real_toothdecay says:

    I look forward with high expectations for the UK buffs. It’s time to stop the UK WWII mentality of “it’s good enough” that WG still holds.

  5. when is the american tree going to split into autoloaders and non autoloders?

    im currently grinding from the bulldog to the T54E1 and im worried about not getting enough time.

  6. I was also hoping that the British Tanks would get the serious buff it needs.On the TD’s side WG seriously messed up with the Archer,Achilles and the Challenger giving all 3 tanks the same top gun and the tier 8’s on the medium and heavy side need a definite gun buff too as it faces tanks that you have to use apcr for.Hopefully WG will wake up and stop concentrating on the russian tanks only and give the British line a total renovation as it needs it definitely

  7. Seth says:

    NOOOOO!!!!!! I’m still trying to grind out the Conqueror for the FV215b so I have have a freebie.

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