WoT. Micropatch


Overnight there was a micropatch rolled out on RU EU and NA. This was a small client update of only 45KB. The Patch note: “Fixed some technical issues.”

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7 comments on “WoT. Micropatch

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone ever know what technical really is?

  2. bbmoose says:

    Another small patch… It would be awesome if they also did this with minor balance adjustments. It shouldn’t be hard to change some dispersion values, aimtimes, reloadtimes and groundresistances on certain vehicles…

    *cough* Leopard 1 *cough*…

  3. The Ripper says:

    yup i bet they overhauled the res mod folder to disable the warpacks

  4. SpeedyCraft51 says:

    “Fixed your mod folder”

  5. Siema PL says:

    Did they remove the res-folder?!

  6. wellyesorno says:

    You can bet it had to do with wot losing money or it would not happen.


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