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War Thunder – [1.71] Leaked devblog photos

10 thoughts on “War Thunder – [1.71] Leaked devblog photos

  1. what the hell is the first one? are those recoiless guns?

    1. M50 Ontos, and yes, they are

  2. 1st one is an M50 Ontos – and yes, those are recoiless guns.

  3. WG: having two barreled tanks would be a pain in the ass to make, let alone multiturrets.

    1. I think WG was referring more to balancing issues, not technical issues.

      Although they have been holding of on multi-turreted tanks for a while now. Which is strange, because they seem to have it working alright in World of Warships…

      I don’t get this company sometimes…

  4. We need moar seaplanes 😀 like the P6M Seamaster, He-115 and other german seaplanes, and italian ones like the Z.1511

    1. Saab S-17BS is what i want.

  5. you forgot the M60A1 with RISE ERA package which was leaked on French forums

    1. I got info that the dev blog would come today so i waited for a better surprise.

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