7 comments on “HD Maps a Closer Look

  1. Rylo says:

    These look amazing… Simply amazing.

  2. Never mind says:

    Beautiful job WG! Your great at marking things pretty.

  3. MrDobalina says:

    Great Job! Awesome.
    Is it just me or do these maps look quite a bit bigger? (or the tanks smaller? :O

    • OpaKnobbi says:

      I don’t think they’re bigger, but now there seems to be a much wider area around the actual maps that is modelled in 3d, and additional to that, they have made completely new backgrounds as we’ll, that blend very well into the 3d scenery. Mountain Pass ist the prime example for that.
      Very, very well done I would say 🙂

  4. Iron_Tsunami says:

    I hope enemies won’t be able to see the bushes move too, or otherwise it’d be another indirect nerf to light tanks.


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