10 comments on “Wargamings HD Maps Review

  1. Remember Havok physics?

  2. Jabster says:

    Ohhh 4 new maps

    What about the 20x maps u removed?

    • Ion7 says:

      Name em’ then, nowhere near twenty.

      • Still, Port, Severogorsk, South Coast, Province, Pearl River, Northwest, Komarin, Hidden Village and Dragon Ridge.
        Out of them I want Port, Dragon Ridge and Province back.
        I remember when I was grinding T-28, I somehow managed to convince my team to all rush the bridge on Port, twice.
        Both wins.
        Province was the map that made me play the game, it was such a nice map.
        And sadly I installed the game in the last days of 0.8.3, so I could never play Dragon Ridge, tho from videos it looks really cool.

  3. Mendur says:

    wuck hd maps i want new tanks, new nations and wheeled car


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