16 comments on “9.20.1 HD Armor Changes Part 2

  1. PrinzPilsje says:

    they can´t get a single change done without fucking up. Unless a wonder happens, never again wot.

    Removing every single weakspot but at the same time making STB-1s turret a collage of RNGsus

    • GlennA says:

      I’m not too happy about the STB changes…sure the mantlet is no longer a weakpoint but 2/3rds of the turret is overmatch city now.

    • andrebellons says:

      totally agree… what’s the point of removing weakspots at lower tiers???
      Probably this way new players will learn to play the way WG wants: spamming gold… -.-

  2. sefhyro says:

    lol… wg fanboys are going to fap over these ones

  3. Nobeer_ says:

    ROFL, they removed the weakspot on Obj140’s roof, and now adding it to the STB1, seems like a huge nurf for the STB..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can’t tell if this is nerf or buff to the stb-1. the cheeks are better but the sides and top are weaker so you your more vunreble while turing the turret. But then again it looks like the mantlet has changes which was its weakspot besides the cupola. Opinions?

    • GlennA says:

      Its a nerf trust me, Benefit of the STBs turret was the sides could troll when hull down and the ONLY armor buff it needed was to the gun mantlet. I doubt I will play my STB after this patch considering they nerfed the fuck out of the turret and also gave some nerfs to the hull which don’t make sense.

  5. so the stb1 get a slicly better turrent, but on the other side will be arty-magnet #1`?

  6. Pangzhu says:

    the kv-4 is totally obsolete in the current game. removing the weakspots and keeping the entire front of the hull, giant turret and turret tumor 180 does nothing to aliviate that. it cannot even sidescrape well, because even medium tanks nowadays have 190+ pen with standard ammo…

    and the stb-1 is now a poor mans patton… wg is basically making the french, the british and the american medium tanks the same or better than the stb-1 – calling it diversification of the different tanks. yes, they play completely different now… high dpm, indestructible turret armor and 10 degrees of gundepression. at the same time they have hull armor or better gunhandling… only leaves the leopard 1 with a super accurate gun and speed, but nothing else compared to fx the amx

  7. Matsuri Kudo says:

    yikes the change to the STB-1 looks painful…

  8. Q says:

    So “HD” means “remove weakspots” in Russian, right?

  9. Scrubjager says:

    Who cares, 2 words, “premium rounds”
    IMO the stupidest thing about this game is the OP character of gold rounds. It takes the armo mechanic and throws it in the trash can.

  10. Radical1299 says:

    WG wants you to go down the TD line, so you are forced to buy to new Premium TD. The rest of the Chinese line is crap.

  11. Shishkin says:

    Noticed a collision model error on tanks gg. The KV-4’s (HD) visual model doesn’t match its collision modell. The turret front under the curved mantlet area is supposed to be flat between the 2 curved part, (right under the gun mantlet) but on the collision model the 2 separate curved part are unified

  12. apocxy says:

    Not happy with STB change…its nerf…they should buff it like this little on cheeks and leave other to be same…98% of turret got nerfed and jsut 2% got buffed…ye ye..What moron in WG call that buff?

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