16 comments on “New Personal Mission Camo

  1. Wokkl says:

    So they changed:
    – A set of three Camouflage patterns for the reward vehicle is earned for completion of all 75 missions

    – The same set of Camouflage patterns becomes available for any vehicle of the nation the reward vehicle belongs to, once all 75 missions are completed with honors

    If not, be prepared for more Arty after the patch 🙂 but they look awsome, so, lets play Arty…

  2. Seth H says:

    So if you have already earned the tanks, do you automatically get the camo when this is implemented?

  3. sнoʀȷoк (@Shorjok) says:

    I like these, but what if we’ve already completed the missions? I’m hoping they’ll just be deposited into our accounts.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I alredy did the StuG IV Missions alredy. Will i be able to get them then? Hope so..

    • dmminion says:

      I got the obj 260 but I won’t get camo for the StuG IV because I skipped playing arty, by getting honours on the mission 15 in LT, MT, HT and TD’s…. So no.

      Fx. you need to 100% complete all missions for all classes for StuG IV to get the camo.

  5. hemihaynes says:

    I bought camo for the stug 4, hopefully they give the option to get are gold back

    • ryanlj says:

      the way I interpret it is that you get this camo pattern for each nation, not exclusive to the reward tank, much like clan wars reward camo

  6. Paglia says:

    Do you know if they will give them to those who did already complete the missions and got the tank ?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Credits where credits due this is a very good addition for customisation. Would be nice if personal missions awarded things to mount on your tanks instead of credits, but this is a good start!

  8. DickherMax says:

    But 1 camo each or unlimited free camos for whole nation? Or free but without camo bonus, only visual? 😀

  9. Ville Lepoaho says:

    It’s not. I tried putting the StuG IV camo on the Ferdinand, and it didn’t work. You can only put it in the actual reward tank itself.

  10. Guys,
    If you did all missions WITH Honors you can put the camo on every tank of this Nation. Thats very cool since the “German” T55-A gets a russian camo. Wonder what the Mouse looks like with russian camo and 2 Red Stars 🙂

  11. MeGuni says:

    If I did all the missions with distinction get these camouflage?
    Is it just those who have not yet completed these missions?

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