3 comments on “WoT – New World of Tanks Rating and Hall of Fame

  1. PrinzPilsje says:

    Impressive a rating for scouts without spotting dmg!

    Go on, tell us more… we would like to know how far you are from knowing your own game (mechanics)

    • Autohit says:

      Assisted damage (upon spotting/stunning and for track destruction): Every player knows that there’s no damage without spotted enemies. Effective spotting, immobilizing, and stunning significantly contribute to victory.

      -> from the news to the new rating on WOT homepage…

  2. Seth H says:

    I looked at my Hall of Fame and found that I was ranked something like #32 on the AT8, which I ground through as fast as possible. I looked at that and was like https://img.memecdn.com/Because-minions-are-really-cute_o_86617.jpg


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