Object 268 Version 4 Iteration2


Small item: New from super test, changes in proposed new tier X TD related to this Article

Object 268 version 4 Iteration 2 changes
last-new         Change
DPM                                                       2,192.9-2,289.2     +96.3
Reload time                                           20.521-19.658sec -0.863
Rate of fire                                               2.924-3.052         +0.126
Shell Velocity                                              760-960 m/s    +200 m/s
Aiming Circle Spread
on full speed Traversing                         2.49-2.88           +0.39
on Vehicle full speed Traversing            2.42-2.65           +0.23
Gun Horizontal Traverse                        27.1-24 deg        -3.1
Power                                                        1,000-1,500 bhp +500 bhp
Specific Power                                              20-20 bhp/ton
Chassis Traverse Speed                                21-22 deg/sec +1 deg/sec

Weight                                                    50,000-75,000 kg   +25,000 kg
Max Load                                               55,000-80,000 kg   +25,000 kg

World of Warplanes Patch 2.0.1


It’s barely been a month and World of Warplanes is already getting a new patch.

The patch will deploy on November 2nd

Patch notes:

Conquest Game Mode

The composition of ground targets in sectors has been changed, and as a result, the efficiency of different aircraft types when capturing and defending sectors will become more obvious.

  • Garrison: All garrisons will now have an identical average composition of ground target.
  • Forward Airstrip: The number of ground targets was significantly reduced.
  • Airbase: The number of ground targets was reduced.
  • Mining Plant, Military Base, and Command Center: The composition of ground targets was slightly changed with the view to adding extra targets equipped with AA guns. The total number, armour, and value of the ground targets in these sectors were changed slightly.

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Personal Mission Update and Compensation


MrConway. EU Forums

Thank’s to DoM1N for the heads up. Original is here Go to Forum

Firstly let me apologize for the delays in fixing this issue, with software problems tracking down and fixing them can often take much more time than anticipated.

We have a micro patch ready for deployment that should fix the problems that appeared with Crews and Orders in Personal Missions. We have set up scripts to remove or items that should not have been credited or are missing (crew and unused orders), this will start working after patch deployment tomorrow.

Once the scripts have run through, Personal Missions will be reactivated – we hope to be able to do this tomorrow evening. Please note that we cannot promise an exact time until we have seen that the issues have been resolved.

To apologize to you for this disruption we will be crediting 1 female crew member + 1 free order to all players.

The server restarts are planned for:

  • WoT EU 1 – 4:30 UTC
  • WoT EU 2 – 5:00 UTC


UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that NA players will be receiving the same compensation.

WoT Console Dev Q&A Roundup


Good day eveybody,

Quick roundup of dev answers from various weekly Q&As (when they’re relevant to development, and not another “When is X premium coming to the store) and statements through the forums for the month of October:

So it seems that Swedish tanks are coming soon… sweet. What about the tier X light tanks? When can we expect those?

The current plan is for early next year.

Why don’t we get the buffs World of Tanks PC gets at the same time and how exactly do you decide what you bring over from PC?

We consider each change PC makes when we move up versions and take the ones we feel are appropriate for the console game. Many times by the time we get changes from a new server version they’ve already been changed again on PC. We probably take more buffs than nerfs on average due to the changes we made to tank responsiveness when we launched. We have a very large number of data hooks and reports on how all the tanks perform and make our decisions using that data as well as the data from PC.

Any updates on the alternate artillery view?

That comes in a future version of the server we haven’t received yet. Sometime next year, we’ll start upgrading to it and see how we want to implement it.

Any updates on the “Mercenary tree” that was hinted at months ago?

It’s an exciting concept, but there’s nothing currently to announce.

Do you think we’ll see TOG Sea again?

Very likely.

Have you all figured out what, if any, changes to artillery to implement? When might we see these changes?

All significant artillery changes will happen at the same time that we upgrade to the server version that has the new artillery changes from World of Tanks PC. Continue reading

War Thunder 1.73 Dev Server: What to expect


Good day everyone, for those unaware the 1.73 dev server has been opened and it has brought us some surprises to look over. For this I will go over each nation and give basic information for all additions as others may change due to it being a dev server and when more information is out I will go more in depth for all vehicles. For those who play America and Britain, there are no new additions for these nations.


Begleitpanzer 57:

shot 2017.10.28 22.41.03

BR: 8.7

Weapons: 57mm Bofors L/70 mk.1 cannon (96 ammo), 6x TOW ATGMs, 7.62mm MG3A1 (5000 ammo)

Hull armour: 35/15/11

Turret armour: 25/15/15

Ammunition: AP-T: APCBC (116mm at 500m), SAP-T: APHEBC (55mm at 500m), HE-T: HE (9mm at 500m) Continue reading

World of Warplanes Tips and Tricks by Shrike gaming


Good evening everyone,

While surfing around on Youtube, i have found this gem of a channel called Shrike Gaming who amongst other things, provides good and informative Wowp 2.0 videos for newcomers to learn the game.

Here is a Strategy and tips guide for new players:

And here is a video to help you to chose your Initial line to research.