Abby HD Flythrough


A short Official video from Wargamings VK portal.

Just a teaser before the Sandbox test starts on Wednesday. The available maps will be:       1. Sand river 2. Redshire 3. Prokhorovka 4. Murovanka 5. Mountain Pass 6. Mines
7. Malinovka 8. Himmelsdorf 9. El Halluf 10. Cliff 11. Abby 12. Steppes. Enjoy.

9 comments on “Abby HD Flythrough

  1. Anonymous says:

    tbh i have a wierd feeling that wg is trying to rework the game for better advertising towards new comers

  2. Cmd says:

    So can you kill someone by dropping a church on them now? if not same old shit in hd

  3. Never mind says:

    One thing WG is good at is pretty. Too bad they fix the shitty match maker and other broken bits. But it’s pretty.

  4. heinz says:

    I will just comment this again: For at least one year WG, when ask for the release of something, said “this is postponed because the HD maps have priority” and now only 12 maps are ready?!? Wat are the hundreds of wargaming employees doing all day?!

  5. Thaddeus says:

    did they finally change the game engine or update it to a newer version than 2008?

  6. DickherMax says:

    Why is it blurry at the sides of the screen? WG cannot into postFX? And fire on dry grass, which does not spread. I don’t expect such physics, but then, for the love of Gaben, try to use your engine smart and avoid such fails by placing fire somewhere else.

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