11 comments on “WoT 9.20.1 Release Dates

  1. Never mind says:

    Thanks for the info for SEA. I will have to guess we will get the patch 7 to 10 days later per the norm. WG wonders why it’s player base is shrinking. Everyone enjoys being treated like second class citizens.

  2. Youu says:

    Most likely the 19th on NA then, per the October preview of prem vehicle sales on the NA site. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/october-2017-events-overview/

  3. Cant wait for my Super Conqueror

    • banjoman150 says:

      Judging by its stats and its armor profile i really dont think it will be anything special.
      DPM isnt as good as it was, HP pool ist as good as it was and only the turret placement make it a bit more versatile. Turretarmor got a buff but i dont think it will be one of the cool and competetive T10 heavies

      • Mizutayio says:

        You do know that the second iteration have the Super conqueror the same dpm as the FV215B and more HP and some other more minor buffs.

      • fuckartillery wgcunts says:

        fv215b is the worst tier ten heavy any ways disgusting amour doesn’t bounce shi* and s.conq was allready ten times better now they buffed it lol so ill be selling fv pile of dog shi* and keeping me super conq

  4. Sandor Nagy says:

    Still no Cent7/1 mantlet un-nerfing… sad panda is sad…

  5. vipercann says:

    1 week is pretty enough for my last 60k xp grind for FV215b.

    really wonder which T10 they will replace after this one, so i can grind for it if i dont have.

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