5 comments on “Tanktoon by RanZar

  1. mirotordaji says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot????

  2. Kyros says:

    For the ones that don’t get the joke:
    In Russia they call Conqueror short Kon’ which means Horse.

    The joke would be better if Ranzar would have used the new Super Conqueror, which would be Super Horse.
    Or maby hes a genius and referring with this episode on the upcomming exchange from FV215B to Super Conqueror.

  3. ccamfield72 says:

    That… still doesn’t explain why they left the tank jacked up on bricks.

    • leppy74 says:

      Gypsies could steal the eyes out of your head without you knowing while you were sitting reading a book , a few wheels and tracks wouldn’t be any trouble

    • “Sinti Roma”, “Zigeuner” or “Gypsies” … their are a lot of names for them. You can call us racist, but Its widly known that these ones playes a lot of music, and steal a lot.

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