Proposed New Tier X Medium. Object 430U


The Object 430 will be moved down a tier to make room for the Object 430U. The tiers below it will be trimmed. Now for the eye candy. The HD textures armour layout and proposed  tech tree then the stats.

The original Russian then with English text overlaying the Russian text in the tables.

Source WoT Leaks.

34 comments on “Proposed New Tier X Medium. Object 430U

  1. ThePegasus1979 says:

    Retarded WG muppets! Neither touch my T-10 nor my Obj416! *RageMode activated, looking for an assassin that will take care of the issue for 50k€* 😎

    • Anonymous says:

      The EU server is truly saturated with regards and this fine fella is the perfect example.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can u give us a REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    • armando30wot says:

      this is so stupid, some tier 10 heavies can only dream of having 160mm on the front hull and 300mm in the turret, but then again adding these “heavy” mediums is the same principle behind adding those soviet “medium” light tanks, it’s all to please the fanbase that want’s to win without effort

      soviet bias x1000, meanwhile the soviet TT has been through several reorganizations (other TTs got minor changes and the Germans got somehting in-between) while the US TT is pretty much the only mess that has not been worked on since it got it’s “final form”, WG should forget creating OP lines for a tiny bit of time and finally make a proper tech tree for the US

      • 155mm_royalty says:

        Oh you mean the changes(buffs) to the m46 and m48 but let’s be blinded by ‘bias’ and cry wolf.

      • Anonymous says:

        fair enough for your last statement… why they overbuffed the m48 instead of adding the m60a1 is beyond me…

        i know will get a lot hate by saying this… but they should move all tanks down a tier, move the t20 into a second branch that could lead to the t95e7….

        but alas, its going to be a looong time for that change to happen.

      • Tomislav says:

        @Anonymous, who wants more tanks with huge weak spot on top of the turret?

  2. PihA says:

    This camo values…
    Just WOOOOW!!

    • PedalPowered says:

      Woah yeah! Light tank camo, heavy-tank gun and armor, med tank mobility!

      What I want to know is, does the 430 become the new tier 9 king?

  3. Wot Gamer says:

    121 clone … ugly as hell … and that ammo storage weak spot can be easily hit from the side. 430 was ok, but this? Hell no.

  4. Tiger says:

    Another Russian med, just what we need.

  5. Charcharo says:

    121 will need some buffs after this…

  6. Anonymous says:

    121’s turret cheeks can be pened by 250 ap when aimed carefully
    while the whole front is cheese to heat
    the 430u has a titan turret

    conclusion: buff 121 and the whole med line

  7. Aditya says:

    Make it autoloader…plz

  8. Anonymous says:

    At least it’s not a premium…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Don’t understand why you complain. This tank has better armour than a 121, but the gun is nowhere near comparable. Same alpha and pen, but awful accuracy, disperssion and lower DPM.
    I think the armour might need to be toned down a little, but overall I think it’s ok

    • Berto72 says:

      because what about you dont speak, aim time, is much more lower, and is better reload 1 sec after than before but lost target while aiming…
      No sniper, ok, like 121 otherwise, but OP on mid/close range.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It looks like a better armoured 121 with a worse gun tbh.
    I think it’s a fair trade off. I would tone down the armour a little bit maybe

  11. fuwg says:

    yes, exactly what we need more biased op russian fantasy garbitrash.
    no need for balance.
    no need for new maps.
    more stupid op russian bs.

  12. kingtrygon says:

    This should be a heavy tank instead.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Feels like a 113 that trade HP for mobility
    Is this the respond to no Russian med in WGL?

  14. AndyAliens says:

    The point of the line is the offset turrets…why dont they just remove or make a gift tank of the 430 and do a non premium Obj 907(offset turret)
    ….just like they did with the VK7201 ?

  15. Brett Brakefield says:

    At least the Object 430U will be an actual different Soviet Tier 10 MT and not just another T-62A.

    I do not agree with eliminating the Object 416 for this at all, though.

  16. AndyAliens says:

    416 should stay as its of the right type for the line.

    • kingtrygon says:

      They could leave 416 in as a branch off that gets people from the 430U line and to the 263 TD line, as the 416 is basically a turreted version of the 263 line’s tier 7-9 TDs.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Everyone complaining about the armor needs to have a gander at that atrocious angle.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The 416 will either become a special vehicle for those who have it, or they might save it for some other line (like a turreted TD line).

    Since this is the first rendition of the stats, they are sure to be tweaked.

    Those who are complaining about the need for new maps, WG already said it would be after the rework, which is currently on Sandbox.

  19. TheKnight says:

    Is there any alternative gun rather than those fat ass 122m guns?

  20. Aditya says:

    Why not 258 penetration like other m62 variants?

  21. Doowlax says:

    Leave obj 416 in game its great tank.

  22. DannyB says:

    They should make a new branch category for these types of tanks. The MBT category. 😛

  23. Von_Grub says:

    It’s normal WG-BS. The 416 actually exists in real word so let’s remove it….

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