World of Tanks – Soul Hunter


The voice over of the Russian version is far spookier. I understand just a little Russian and I got this  “Death, I am listening , I am close, your soul belongs to me” The RU version is Here. If you have a better understanding put it in comments.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    would be nice if pc got the “krampus maus” from console that abomination

  2. Sideburn says:

    Russian voice says:
    Death. I smell it
    I’m close.
    Your soul will be mine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s a mode made after getting fed up of campers , so it’s like rust : battle royale
    were all the players have to move and kill while the circle of survive is shrinking , in WOT case the earth collapses

  4. AndyAliens says:

    Surely this is just for console and not pc though.

  5. AndyAliens says:

    Black edition of one of the worse tier 8’s?

  6. Mario Scalas says:

    So, the possessed Tiger II will take vengeance of this game?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if they’ll do something fun this year like wows Rasputin mega ship

  8. ShoneLis says:

    I would say the big campaign. It was about the time to announce it.

  9. Sandor Nagy says:

    Why Tiger II is considered to be the worst tier 8 in this game?

    • Shade01982 says:

      Does that include premiums? Because I know worse tanks…

    • Pradatoru says:

      Becouse the armor is crap , sidescrape is useless so you have a big tank that can take damage from everywhere

    • Zettomatic says:

      Armor layout is crap. 185 pen is enough to shoot him in the face, every 122mm gun can easily overmatch his roof, the cupola is quite prominent
      Sidescraping works only against noobs because of above mentioned reasons.
      Alpha too low compared to russian counterparts,
      Mobility is bad compared to other Tier 8 tanks.

  10. Berto72 says:

    I suppose there will be a special game with an evil “zombie” kingtiger,

    destroyed with hits in hull that will form the evil face of the video.

    All in bet.

  11. Timmy says:

    Reskinned VK4503 for $79 in ultimate package. Big pumpkin decal.

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