WoT – Micropatch for


From EU support. I have found no patch info on RU or NA.


Due to the micropatch World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 24.10.2017:

WoT Eu 1 – 04:00 UTC (06:00 CEST)

Each restart will take approximately 25 minutes.

Roll out!

Your Customer Service Team

8 comments on “WoT – Micropatch for

  1. Spookwagen-103 B says:

    Contact List fix, i guess. Well, better late than never.

  2. Jim says:

    Jese fukcing Christ, another one? Do they program with trial-and-error lik complete noobs?

  3. ASSY NERO MKII says:

    there’s rumor spreading around that the waffen tragger e100 is going to be a premium tank they’re already on sale on the chinese wot is this true can someone confirm this

    • Ion7 says:

      It is similar to the tier 10 257, object 268 v5, and 777. There are rough plans to add them (Like the Foch B) but it will not be a premium. I cannot say if the WT will return or not, but it will sit like some of the other unused vehicles until balancing for a silver tier 10.

  4. Karl Marx says:

    Contact lists works but all notes on the blacklisted players if you had any, is gone. I usually add a note so I remember what the blacklisted player did. Mostly TK’ers or chat spammers.

  5. qwerqwer says:

    Can somebody check if Pudel and the Chinese TD are still purchasable with gold after this patch?

  6. chalupar says:

    There is no patch today (24.10.)?!

  7. Mr. Rolleyes says:

    Can’t they at least stop changing the folder names and hierarchies with every tiny micropatch?

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