War Thunder is coming to Xbox


A quick one for all you console players out there, Gaijin has just announced that War Thunder is finally coming to Xbox. While the details are still uncertain we shall try to keep you updated here as the news comes in.

For those that want to read the announcement itself click here.

9 comments on “War Thunder is coming to Xbox

  1. metalrodent says:

    WG are going to have to watch out, four years with no competition and they’ve clearly become quite complacent.
    I’m quite happy about this, been wanting to give WT a try for quite a while.

  2. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    Definitely going to give it a try, it’s got to be better than the product wargaming is giving us at the moment

  3. Thomas says:

    As a extra note: Xbox One will be adding mouse and keyboard support later this year.

  4. billybobs says:

    I agree with metalrodent, WG are way to complacent. A hugh kick in the arse is much needed.

    Im really looking forward to WT coming to xbox.

  5. XBox is dead right now. Gaigin would do better moving it to PS

  6. Ruthless4u says:

    Competition is a good thing. Might be a nice distraction until naval action legends.

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