Object 268 Version 4 Iteration2


Small item: New from super test, changes in proposed new tier X TD related to this Article

Object 268 version 4 Iteration 2 changes
last-new         Change
DPM                                                       2,192.9-2,289.2     +96.3
Reload time                                           20.521-19.658sec -0.863
Rate of fire                                               2.924-3.052         +0.126
Shell Velocity                                              760-960 m/s    +200 m/s
Aiming Circle Spread
on full speed Traversing                         2.49-2.88           +0.39
on Vehicle full speed Traversing            2.42-2.65           +0.23
Gun Horizontal Traverse                        27.1-24 deg        -3.1
Power                                                        1,000-1,500 bhp +500 bhp
Specific Power                                              20-20 bhp/ton
Chassis Traverse Speed                                21-22 deg/sec +1 deg/sec

Weight                                                    50,000-75,000 kg   +25,000 kg
Max Load                                               55,000-80,000 kg   +25,000 kg

26 comments on “Object 268 Version 4 Iteration2

  1. Deano says:

    i really dislike that thing thing has a 750 alpha gun when its the rof line…

  2. Iron_Tsunami says:

    1500 horsepower holy shit

  3. Why increase the HP and weight to still have 20hp/t?!

  4. alehodero says:

    Why again are they making the game less diverse?

  5. Zorin says:

    So a bit better gun, better rammer

  6. Brett Brakefield says:

    So still a shitty Object 268. Still passing on this sad excuse for a non-issue replacement.

  7. Anonymous says:

    still a pos tank that is taking place of a good tank

  8. Anyone says:

    FFS the DPM is worse than I feared. from the 263 @ 3,216.29 to this trash @ “2,192.9-2,289.2 +96.3” Wargaming this is shameful. Im really Pissed that they too my WT E-100 and gave the shit Gille 15 now take my 263 and give me a 1000 less DPM. 🙁

    • ArcaneSpirit says:

      I mean, I’m pissed they’re PLANNING on replacing the 263, but at the same time, I’m so glad they removed the WTFE100. That thing needed removing like America needs a certain someone killing.

      I’m being as nice as possible here: I don’t think you know how to play the Grille. Look on the Wiki, go to the forums, ask better players than you how to play it properly.

  9. JABBA says:

    75ton, 55kph, 20bhp/ton
    There might just be a new ram king in town…

  10. Mikosah says:

    Regardless of the exact figures, its still a very uninspired design and its competing for the same niche as any of the other armored TDs with 750 alpha. Just leave the Object 263 as the tier 10 of this line. In fact, none of the other recent replacement proposals make any more sense than this one. Why again are we doing this? Whatever the goal is, I’ll bet it isn’t worth all this trouble.

  11. Berto72 says:

    after special mission interface that not tell absolute nothin, ridicolous weekend specials, now another incentive to play less. gg, more free time

  12. Anonymous says:

    why should I even play this shit

  13. Anonymous says:

    The thing i hate worst about this is Wg has swapped the 155mm on the Foch155 to a 120mm and threatened to do the same to the t110E3 because of this reason:

    “There are enough tier 10 Tds with a 750 dmg gun” and now they get rid of a perfectly fine obj 263 to replace it with a 152mm gun TD

  14. It’s still garbage. When camping we don’t need that armor and want better DPM. When pushing against armored vehicles we don’t need that speed. When flanking and encountering meds we need side armor and fast firing gun. In my opinion that combination of stats is completely useless. Give it old 263 gun and it will be beast.

  15. Hooli_Gun says:

    263 is one of my most fun tanks to play.
    now they replace it with one more 750-alpha derpershit

    Like,anybody complained about 263???wtf

    GG ruining this line.

  16. sippi81 says:

    doesnt look very impressing imho

    no dpm mediocre at best alpha no traverse so 1 vs 1 impossible
    armor probably not able to bounce premium no turret
    gun depression probably also not (not sure about that but its russian)

    Who want this if there is fa a mobile td with turret gundepression and 3 times this alpha or fast autoloaders with huge potential damage as the foch
    or tanks with good armor like super conq or with good armor and high mobility or ….

    for ramming it would make sense maybe with more traverse otherwise to try it
    is probably an suicide attemp in a td without turret

    how about giving this thing a turret and make it like a T10 with a 750 alpha gun thing I remember there was a sugestion about such a vehicle maybe a year ago looked promising

  17. And they think this is a good idea why? the 263 is unique and this isnt, the chinese tier 10 barely saw play and its just like this,

  18. and dont change the tier 10 so it may attract some people, change the lower tiers so people will be tempted to grind to it with how bad the 7-9 is

  19. Jared Yeung says:

    When talking about Russian tanks, it’s either “RUSSIAN BIAS” or “this thing sucks I’m not playing world of tanks anymore”. Guess you can’t satisfy everyone.


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