9 comments on “ANZ WoT server is bing Launched Live.

  1. DickherMax says:

    I shouldn’tvvv drink dat munch…

  2. wolvenworks says:

    man WG should update WOT’s music. why can’t we have nice music like the warship guys…

    • abesli says:

      I can barely hear it atm unlike 2 years ago. Sure it can be distracting for some players but they can lower it if they want but if I want to hear it I have to lower every other sound effect and increase the volume of my computer which o forgot later on and when I open up another game or a video it scares the shit out of me! Erm.. excuse me sorry…

  3. Iron_Tsunami says:

    “Crickey, m8! Throw another server on the barbie!”

    haha I’m so funny and original guys

  4. David says:

    As Kiwi living in the US… so pleased for my ANZAC mates. Enjoy and participate – make the server 24/7 and permanent. Depends on you guys. Have fun

  5. MOTHER'S LOLL says:

    Next separate server for Polish players, please!

  6. Seth H says:

    I would say that they need a Latin America (Central & South American) server. While it would help those players with ping/lag, that would probably cut a significant chunk of NA players.

  7. Does anyone know the server’s address? I want to run some ping testing on it.

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