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ANZ WoT server is bing Launched Live.

From WoT Asia Face book.

Grats Mates.

9 thoughts on “ANZ WoT server is bing Launched Live.

  1. I shouldn’tvvv drink dat munch…

  2. man WG should update WOT’s music. why can’t we have nice music like the warship guys…

    1. I can barely hear it atm unlike 2 years ago. Sure it can be distracting for some players but they can lower it if they want but if I want to hear it I have to lower every other sound effect and increase the volume of my computer which o forgot later on and when I open up another game or a video it scares the shit out of me! Erm.. excuse me sorry…

      1. huh? whachu talking about? i’m talking bout the lack of variety

  3. “Crickey, m8! Throw another server on the barbie!”

    haha I’m so funny and original guys

  4. As Kiwi living in the US… so pleased for my ANZAC mates. Enjoy and participate – make the server 24/7 and permanent. Depends on you guys. Have fun

  5. Next separate server for Polish players, please!

  6. I would say that they need a Latin America (Central & South American) server. While it would help those players with ping/lag, that would probably cut a significant chunk of NA players.

  7. Does anyone know the server’s address? I want to run some ping testing on it.

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