WoT Patch 9.21 Preliminary Dates


Good day everyone,

So we have some preliminary dates (i.e. Subject to change) for Update 9.21:

  • First official announcement: Nov. 8-9
  • Exit from Supertest: Nov. 9
  • First General Test: Nov. 16
  • Second General Test: Nov. 30

Not much more specific after that, 9.21 will be released sometime in December, hopefully not a full wait for WG Fest in Moscow on December 23rd. Main changes are looking to be the obvious HD models, and the FV217 “Badger” replacing the FV215b 183.

Of course we’ll post more as info comes out, but that’s it for the time being.

12 comments on “WoT Patch 9.21 Preliminary Dates

  1. Oh my word Rita,Im looking forward to the Badger too but they havent even fixed this patch.I dont want to know what they’re going to screw up on the next one.My friends list still isnt working and when I start up the game it still tells me in Russian tier 8 of the week.WG should sort themselves out because they’re losing players on a big scale.

  2. Tomm says:

    They should focus fixing bugs than introduce new ones…

  3. Anon says:

    French heavies?

  4. Seth H says:

    GAH!!!!! I have about 1/4 of the XP needed for the Tortoise done. Looks like some major grinding in store, wife isn’t going to be happy with me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tbh, the tortoise is about the pinnacle of that line until the change happens. Make sure u enjoy ur time with it while u can.

  5. Vedranooo says:

    When will the HD maps come?

  6. Ruthless4u says:

    Just sitting here waiting on War Thunder and Naval Action Legends on XONE

  7. Deadman_38 says:

    I want the HD maps <3

  8. Tomm says:

    Few HD models left for first 2018 update.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Honestly still waiting for British LTs to even be announced. Oh and poland


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