World of Warplanes fourth anniversary


From the Wowp EU website

It’s the fourth anniversary of the launch of World of Warplanes!

Back in 2013, Wargaming proudly delivered World of Warplanes into the world. This weekend, join us for a celebration as we blow out our candles and share some delicious goodies with all of our wonderful pilots!

What’s a party without a cake? Take on four battle missions this weekend to put the delicious treat together, and earn the Soviet Multirole Fighter Borovkov-Florov I-207/4 at the end of it all!

You can also get x5 XP on your first victory, enjoy 50% off equipment, consumables, camo and emblems, and up to 50% off all regular aircraft from Tiers II to X!

In-Game Offers

  • x5 XP for your first victory!
  • 50% off equipment!
  • 50% off camo, emblems, decals, and nose camo!
  • 50% off consumables!
  • 50% off all regular aircraft from Tier II-V
  • 30% off all regular aircraft from Tier VI-VII
  • 15% off all regular aircraft from Tier VIII-X

Birthday Party Missions

Mission:  Cake
  • Destroy 10 enemy warplanes over any amount of battles
  • 50,000
  • Once per account


Mission:  4 Candles
  • Earn 15,000 combat points over any amount of battles
  • 10x First Aid Dressing Package
  • 10x Manual Fire Extinguishers
  • 10x Reinforced Control Surfaces
  • Once per account


Mission:  Cherry on Top
  • Win 5 battles
  • Secure a top 5 spot in your team for battle points accumulated during these victorious battles
  • 1x Improved Radiator III
  • Once per account


Mission:  Birthday Cake
  • Complete ‘Cake
  • Complete ‘4 Candles
  • Complete ‘Cherry on Top
  • Once per account
Final Reward: Borovkov-Florov I-207/4

9 comments on “World of Warplanes fourth anniversary

  1. Jobe says:

    Does anyone care now it’s ruined?

  2. Sandor Nagy says:

    Butt-hurt players missing aim assist and single-spawn. Go and play War Thunder if you need those. If you can aim by your own (without assistance) and play with an arcade-ish game, then don’t be butt-hurt and keep playing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i come to WoWp because of 2.0 and now i am having fun grinding my way to the swift

  4. It wasn’t great before, no one has ever claimed that.

    And don’t kid yourself, very few people are playing it even now.

  5. If you log into the premium shop there is also the rare tier VI premium multi role fighter the Il-1 available (Fighter version of the Il-2).

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