9 comments on “Fly Through Video of Klondike

  1. SpottableSky says:

    What would you do for a Klondike map 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks a lot like NorthWest, or smth like that it was called

  3. Thander_Tank says:

    seems pretty good!

  4. Finally! A new North American map!

  5. Grunt says:

    Looks nice, but why is there pirates of the caribbean music in the background?

  6. Anyone says:

    Another nap I will never see. We never get grand battles in SEA. Not enough people play them.

  7. Mike-T 2016 says:

    awesome simply awesome Map! so many places to hide, sneak, flank, brawl, run away re-group and its big! yeah some corridors but easily avoided if needed (easy to spot the Arty SPG clicker pigpen places lol ……

    Its a Tier 10 “only” Map for fuck sake!
    a new map for only 15% of the player base to enjoy

    Grand battles indeed

    If and that’s If ~ WG made it so as all T10’s ‘had a 50% chance with no choice if playing T10’s to play T10 in Grande battles?

    then Tier 8 would actually work and be actual guanine fun to play, which it is so very not, very, very not fun.

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